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International Mileage Charts 1 - Mileage Charts and Tables in Excel2007 format 
These International OSM Excel charts are intended to complement our existing North American & European charts, but cover all countries in the world. To do this, they are calculated using OpenStreetMap data computed using the pgRouting engine.

VIPlanet 1.0 - All countries and cities of the world 
- all cities of the world (with a population more then 1000) - additionally detailed geodata for one country of your choice - your big text-memos for any cities and countries - simple to use

Bing Maps 1 - Bing maps 
Bing maps users can examine street maps topographically-the shadow of search for many cities worldwide. Maps included some attractions integrated, such as subway stations, stadiums, hospitals and other public instalaciones.

world top cities screensaver 1.0 - world top cities screensaver 
world top cities screensaver features some wonderful pictures of the best towns on earth.

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