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Hex Editor Neo - Binary File Software, Hex Editor Download 
Binary Data and File Data Editing Software Utility for Windows. Hex Editor Neo is a basic editor for everyone who works with ASCII, hex, decimal, float, double and binary data. Large files optimized, best performance. Hex Editor Download.

Packaging Industry 2d Barcodes - Utility design food industry bar code images 
Bar code sticker maker utility featured with enhanced bar code designing view facility which uses various inbuilt objects including lines, pencils, text, ellipse, rectangle, circle, arc, stars and triangle to generate variety of bar code labels.

Warehousing Barcode Generator - Tool develop best quality barcode stickers 
Warehousing industry bar code label designing application facilitates you to simply generate high resolution images in few clicks of mouse. Bar code maker software helps users to efficiently create manufacturing industry barcode tags, holograms etc.

Programmer's Lab - Distributable library of program functions. 
Programmer's Lab contains over 490 functions that will enhance the power of limited software languages, or make difficult languages easier to use. All functions run from a simple shellexecute command & send output to textbox, file, or clipboard.

Barcode Generator for Libraries - Utility to generate barcode for book stores 
Powerful publishing industry and book stores bar code label generating application allows you to create own style of bar code stickers using enhanced image designing tools including lines, pencils, ellipse, rectangle, circle, text, stars and others.

HTML Guardian Decrypter 1.4 - Decrypt pages encrypted by HTML Guardian. 
HTML Guardian Decrypter is a small Windows gadget that will help you decrypt pages, *.js included, which were encrypted with HTML Guardian.

Medical Barcode Generator - Utility to generate bar code for hospitals 
Bar code label generator software for pharmaceutical industry facilitates users to design own style of bar code sticker images in few clicks of mouse. Bar code maker application frequently supports linear and two dimensional bar code font standards.

Barcode Software for Library System - Utility design bar code tags for publishers 
Non destructive bar code label generating application for book stores and library helps users easily management of books and magazines collection and efficiently track their details and record them including name of author, date of issue, price etc. Collection of Delphi examples 2.0 - Del123's Collection of Delphi examples 
Del123's Collection of Delphi examples and applications - Database examples, Rave report examples, Win32 examples and more. Full source code on purchase. From Delphi 7 to Delphi XE -

ASP Documentation Tool 8.2.5 - ASP Documentation Tool for Classic ASP 
The ASP Documentation Tool code documentor creates project technical documentation for ASP 2.0 and 3.0 web applications written in VBScript and JScript, and their associated Access and SQL Server 2000/2005 databases.

Moo0 HashCode 1.11 - Calculate / Verify Hash Code 
Calculate / Verify Hash Code

Windows Product Key Finder Professional - Product Key Code Finder for Windows Office 
Windows, Office, Product Key Code Finder Retriever. Utility can recover your CD Product key for Windows or Office programs for the purposes of reinstalling - repairing your Windows or Office setup. Recover lost serial Vista XP 2000 2003 2007

RbApp 3.0 - REALbasic Software Components 
RbApp is a collection of REALbasic Software Components for building applications. The main components are RbGrid, RbChart, RbEdit, RbView, RbCommand, RbPalette, RbStringList, RbXML, RbHelp, RbQuickLicense and RbLibrary.

CodeLobster PHP Edition 3.8.1 - Handy free PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript editor 
CodeLobster PHP Edition is a free portable handy editor primarily intended for editing PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript files with support Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS, Smarty engine, JQuery library, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, Facebook and WordPress

ASP.NET Documentation Tool 7.3.3 - Useful documentation tool for ASP.NET code 
The ASP.NET Documentation Tool automatically builds comprehensive technical documentation for ASP.NET projects written in VB.NET and C#. Reports are created in standard HTML, Microsoft HTML Help and plain text formats.

Resistor Color Coder 2 - Code/encode resistor color bands 
Determine resistor values from color bands or SMD markings. Works for both 4 and 5 band leaded-type resistors, as well as 3 and 4 digit Surface Mount Device codes, EIA-96 1% SMD codes and 2,5,10% SMD codes.

Postal Mail Barcodes Generator - Creates customized postal mail barcode labels 
Easy to use postal mail barcode generator software creates own pattern barcode images for labeling postal documents that include post, parcels, letters for management process with feature to specify barcode header, barcode footer details.

ASPMaker 9.0 - Generate ASP from database. 
ASPMaker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of ASP (Active Server Pages) quickly from a Microsoft Access Database or any Data Source that supports ADO.

ID Card Application - Create stylish ID card and labels as required 
Specifically developed ID card maker application creates stylish, colorful and eye catching identity cards that is helpful for various application areas including corporate sector, medical sector, education sector, marketing sector etc at low price.

Retail Barcode Software - Generates flexible retail barcode stickers 
Exclusively developed barcode label creator software generates colorful barcode stickers, asset tags, security tags with specified size, shape, graphics, text, fonts etc and improves productivity and business efficiency in shortest time at low price.

AutoFlowchart 3.2 - auto generate NS &flow chart from sourcecode! 
AutoFlowchart is a excellent source code tool to generate flowchart & N-S chart from source code. Its chart can expand and shrink and can be export to Word/Visio/Bmp/SVG.

VBcodePrint 6.26.112 - Print VB source code in color 
This Add-In to Microsoft Visual Basic 6 significantly enhances source code printing capabilities. You can print any part of your VB project's source code from within the VB's development environment. The output can be exported to HTML, PDF and RTF.

Scriptcase 5.2.036 - PHP code generator to MySQL and others DB. 
Scriptcase PHP Generator is a powerful tool to increase web development productivity. It supports most databases available generating highly customizable PHP code and of easy maintenance.

*Box Code Generator 1.1 - Generates gallery code for LightBox/Slimbox 
Generates HTML gallery code for LightBox/Slimbox and other similar scripts. Lets you choose GIF, JPG and PNG files. Also works under Wine in Linux.

ASP Report Maker 4.0.1 - Generate dynamic Web report from database 
ASP Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic ASP (Active Server Pages) Web reports from a Microsoft Access Database or other ADO Data Source.

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci 1.0 - Contains a searchable version of his notes 
Leonardo Da Vinci is the very definition of the words, "Renaissance Man". His work in anatomy, architecture, engineering, invention, mathematics, music, painting and sculpture are still revered and relevant today. This eBook is fully searchable.

VBAcodePrint 7.0.6 - Print VBA6 & VBA7 source code in color 
Print Microsoft VBA versions 6 source code in color of your applications across the entire Microsoft Office 2000, 2003,2007,2010 and XP suite of applications: Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, and FrontPage and any other VBA enabled software.

Lithuanians Code Lines Counter 2.2 - Standalone counter of source code lines. 
Standalone application. Counts physical lines of source code, of given folder, with configurable file extensions.

Free Area Code Selector 1.0 - Free World Area Codes 
International Area Codes, A collection of all international area codes in the world. Free Download. The program is quite simple so even if you are a beginner you can use it without any trouble.

NuMorse Professional - Morse code trainer for Windows 
The ultimate Morse code trainer for Windows, useful to Novice and Expert. Choice of built-in structured training courses. Take simulated code tests. Includes many features to help build up your speed and maintain your interest.

VS.NETcodePrint 2005 9.0.7 - Print VS.NET application source code in color 
This Add-In to Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 significantly enhances source code printing capabilities. Print a complete Solution, selected projects, project items, namespaces, classes, modules. The output can be exported to PDF and RTF.

Abacre File Encryptor 1.0 - Reliably protect your files from prying eyes! 
Encrypt any files or folders using 39 advanced encryption algorithms. Other features: Secure Password Generator; Text Pad to encrypt any text; Wipe Files command to permanently remove files your computer; command line parameters; Shell integration.

NuMorse - Morse code trainer for Windows 
Windows Morse code, useful to Novice/Expert. Output via soundcard, hardware port (for driving oscillator or transmitter), semaphore window and even nautical flags. Plays random text/from files/lesson files/simulates on-air ham radio traffic.

Free StatusTitle Maker 6.1 6.1 - Creates messages for title and status bar 
Free Maker Creates JavaScript code to show a message in the title and status bar. You can describe the destination of a link in the title or status bar. Finally, there are 19 controlled effects for title bar and 19 controlled effects for status bar.

Reset Forgotten Password - IE lost FTP account password rescue program 
IE password recovery software unmasks security code covered with asterisk or any other special character string. Restoration tool restore password of all major accounts like Gmail, Rediffmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, MSN and many other messengers.

RopTest 1.2 - Select Ternary Raster Operation code. 
Program for visual selection of Ternary Raster Operation code.

Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder 1.0 - Cloak affiliate links for today's browsers. 
Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder is the easy, quick way to hide affiliate URLs on modern web browsers. Cloak affiliate links on any web page or blog. Create new links with ease and automatically convert existing links. The ultimate cloaking solution!

China Zip Code Lookup Tool 2009 - Look up the zip code of any city in China. 
Software to search and query the zip code of any city or town in China. You can type in PinYin or the English name of the city or town of your choice, and the software will let you know the exact zip code for it. Reverse lookup feature is available.

iPhone Code Tutorials 1.0 - Learn how to make your own iPhone apps! 
Learning by example is how some people learn best with iPhone App Development with 100 complete iPhone SDK projects to help beginner iPhone programmers. Includes concepts from sound effects, iphone accelerometer, animation, playing movies and more!

Snippet Manager 2010 - Archive and search your code snippets quickly 
Snippet Manager is an extremely lightweight (no setup required) freeware utility that you can use for managing your code snippets in a variety of languages. Snippet Manager works with VB, C++, C#, Java, SQL, ASP, PHP, HTML, even XML and text.

GLBasic SDK premium 4.0 - an easy game programming language. 
GLBasic is a programming language designed for game programming. It has simple commands for 3D, networking, joysticks and media playback. The source code compiles small, fast, stand-alone executables. Compiles for Windows, Linux, PocketPC and GP2X.

PopUp Maker 5.0 - Effortlessly generate popup windows. 
PopMaker takes the drudgery out of reliably making popup window code. It also opens and tests the window, live, so you can see the results as you work. Easy to automatically create solid, flexible, cross-browser popup window code.

Collection of Delphi Examples 7 - Collection of Delphi examples and Tutorials. 
Collection of most wanted Delphi examples with full source code and animated tutorials as a standalone application. No third party components.

VBScodePrint 1.2.76 - Print the source code of VBScripts in color 
Prints the source of VBScripts in your own custom style. The source code can be printed and exported to HTML, RTF and PDF formats.

VS.NETcodePrint 2008 10.0.17 - Print VS.NET application source code in color 
This Add-In to Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 and 2008 significantly enhances source code printing capabilities. Print a complete Solution, selected projects, project items, namespaces, classes, modules. The output can be exported to PDF and RTF.

PageLock Website Copy Protection 7.3.2 - Protect your website's HTML code from theft. 
Protect your website's HTML code and design from theft using this easy to use program. Functions include encoding HTML, preventing text from being selected, and blocking right mouse clicks.

Crypto 4.1 - Cryptogram puzzle game for your PC 
Cryptogram puzzle game for Windows. The computer makes it easy to change guesses. Letter frequencies and hints are provided to make solving more fun. Create and print your own puzzles. See more at our web site:

Office Outlook Password Recovery - MS outlook express lost password rescue tool 
Outlook password rescue software reveal user forgotten e-mail, news group account login password information. Password recovery software recovers secret code hidden behind asterisks character supports all available Microsoft outlook express version.

KeyboardTest 3.0.1000 - Software to test your computer keyboard 
Quickly check all the keys on your computer keyboard are functioning correctly. Examine the internal Windows and BIOS scan codes being generated by the keyboard. Check your keyboards repeat rate and see each down and up stroke.

Tams11 Fathom - Guess the squence of the four colored balls. 
Fathom is an multiplayer online game similar to Mastermind. You try to guess the squence of the four colored balls in as few guesses as possible. You receive clues for each guess that will help you solve the puzzle.

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