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Hermetic Word Frequency Counter 10.89 - Counts occurrences of words within text. 
This software scans a file, or text on the clipboard, and counts the occurrences of different words. What is a 'word' is user-definable. The words found and displayed can be ordered alphabetically or by frequency. Supports non-English text as well.

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced 12.89 - Counts words and phrases within text. 
This software scans one or more text or text-like files (e.g. HTML files) and counts the number of occurrences of different words or specified phrases (with pattern matching). The words/phrases can be displayed alphabetically or by frequency.

Acute Softwares Timer 4.6 - Multiple timers, stopwatches and alarms 
Acute Softwares Timer has three main timing modes: Manual Mode (Acts as a standard stopwatch); Timer Mode (count for a fixed amount of an egg timer); Alarm Clock Mode (timer will count until a preset time of day). Up to 32 timers at once.

Visitor Web Counter Tool 1.0 - Completely free visitor web counter tool 
Completely free visitor web counter tool that can generate customized script for your own website. You can customize the colors, font, etc. It is very easy to use and FREE! Enjoy!

Tallyem 1.1 - Counter program for people, things, etc. 
Tallyem is a counting program for recording counts of people, things, etc. The count is displayed in large font on a window that is maximized to the screen so that it is clearly visible from a distance.

Free Counter 1.0 - Create a custom counter ( choose colors to ma 
Create a custom counter ( choose colors to math your site design ) is possible display total visitors , today visitors and yesterday visitors choose unique counter ( count unique visitors ) or pageviews ( count all pageviews ) , in stats page display

Daily Diabetes Diet Counter 1.6 - Free online diabetes diet tracker 
Daily Diabetes Diet Counter is a free web-based tracking program for people with diabetes. Just open the Counter and leave it open throughout the day, adding foods as you eat them. The Counter keeps track of calories, starches, fats, and more.

PCODO 2.0 - PCODO is an universal count-up or count-down 
PCODO is an universal count-up or count-down timer.

ASP Painter 1.8 - Create new and edit existing images 
ASP Painter can be used to create new and edit existing images. Since the component works with several images at the same time, you can copy, resize, rotate, merge image parts, and use images as painting brushes. Complete source code is available for

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