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curve fitting

CurvFit 5.12.4 - Fit w/ Lorentz, Sine, Power, + Exp. Series 
A curve fitting program: Lorentzian, Sine, Exponential & Power series are available models to match your data. A Lorentzian series is recommended for real data especially for multiple peaked data. Another improved productivity example.

Regression Analysis - DataFitting 1.7.6 - Nonlinear regression analysis - DataFitting 
DataFitting is a powerful statistical analysis program that performs linear and nonlinear regression analysis (i.e. curve fitting).

Regression Analysis - CurveFitter 4.5.6 - Nonlinear regression analysis - CurveFitter 
CurveFitter program performs statistical regression analysis to estimate the values of parameters for linear, multivariate, polynomial, exponential and nonlinear functions.

Visual Fitting 2.1.3 - Math tool for curve and surface fitting. 
Math tool for linear, nonlinear curve fitting and surface fitting, curve and surface can be created.

NLREG 6.2 - NLREG performs nonlinear regression 
NLREG performs nonlinear regression and curve fitting. NLREG fits a mathematical function whose form you specify to a set of data values. Virtually any type of function can be fitted.

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