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HTML Guardian Decrypter 1.4 - Decrypt pages encrypted by HTML Guardian. 
HTML Guardian Decrypter is a small Windows gadget that will help you decrypt pages, *.js included, which were encrypted with HTML Guardian.

Code Breaking 1.5.0 - Break the secret codes and reveal the hidden 
Break the secret codes and reveal the hidden message.

AutoKrypt 9.05 - Automated Encryption and Decryption software 
Encryption software designed for automation. Automatically encrypt and decrypt files and folders. Encryption methods include password based, secret key, public and private key, OpenPGP password, OpenPGP public and private key. Run 1000+ tasks/day.

Right-Click Encrypter 1.6 - Protect your files with a click 
Right-Click Encrypter is a small, but useful tool designed to encrypt your private files with a password. Encrypting files can be done easily just by right clicking on the file you want to protect.

Emsa EZ Encryption Tool 1.0.46 - Emsa EZ Encryption Tool for Windows 
EMSA EZ Encryption Tool is a simple encryption program for Windows which uses the Blowfish algorithm to encrypt files or text chunks. This algorithm is a strong encryption algorithm using a private key, therefore keeping your data safe. Freeware.

Abacre File Encryptor 1.0 - Reliably protect your files from prying eyes! 
Encrypt any files or folders using 39 advanced encryption algorithms. Other features: Secure Password Generator; Text Pad to encrypt any text; Wipe Files command to permanently remove files your computer; command line parameters; Shell integration.

Recover Gtalk password 5.0.1 - GTalk passwords retrieval utility tools. 
Google Talk Password Recovery Tool works when "Remember Password" checkbox is ticked in GTalk instant messenger. Decrypt Google Talk account password software easily runs on windows based operating system including Windows Vista, 98, 2003, ME, NT.

Google Talk Password Revealer 5.0.1 - GTalk Password Finder GTalk password decoder 
GTalk Password Finder GTalk password decoder decodes Google Talk passwords. Google Talk Password Recovery Compatible with all Windows Operating Systems including Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003.

PDF Decrypter 2.50 - Decrypt(recovery,unlock) the protected PDF. 
PDF Decrypter can be used to decrypt(recovery,remover,unlock) the owner Password protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

The Cipher 4.0 - A program to encrypt and decrypt 
The program is designed to encrypt and decrypt files using GOST, Blowfish, IDEA, Misty1, Rijndael, Twofish, Cast128, Cast256, RC2, RC5, RC6, DES, TEA, CHR, BIT.

DeepCoder 1.0 - Encrypt, decrypt and digitally sign e-mail. 
DeepCoder is a program to encrypt, decrypt and/or digitally sign e-mails and files using secret keys (passwords) or public keys. It can be used with any e-mail program or wordprocessor program. No plug-ins are required. Very easy to use!

AAA PDF Password Remover 2.00 - Decrypt(recovery,unlock) the protected PDF. 
AAA PDF Password Remover can be used to decrypt(recovery,remover,unlock) the owner Password protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Max File Encryption 1.8 - Powerful encryption/steganography software 
Max File Encryption is a powerful yet easy-to-use encryption/steganography software. With Max File Encryption, you can encrypt files, hide files and create self-decrypting packages. The program uses the strong Blowfish algorithm, ensuring data safety

VIP Files Protector 1.2 - Encrypt, shred and hide your files in a click 
Encrypt, shred and hide your files and folders in a click with algorithms used in DOD and CIA. Be sure that all personal information stored in your computer is fully confidential with VIP Files Protector - mighty encryption and shredding software.

Websecure 1.0.0 - Websecure to en/decryption 
Websecure was primarily planned to email or other personal data to encode on websites so that spider can not read and save.

Fast File Encryptor 4.3 - Encrypt or decrypt files and folders. 
Fast File Encryptor is designed for fast processing of extremely large files. It can encrypt or decrypt files, contents of folders and contains a lot of additional tools. Presents a flexible user interface with detailed messages about all operations.

ASL Crypto Manager 1.7 - Encrypt any files with hacker-proof algorithm 
The ASL Crypto Manager encryption software is intended for fast encrypting of any user's files. For this purpose, RC4, a high-speed on-the-fly algorithm of encrypting, is used in the program.

Genie Eyes Only 1.0 - Genie Eyes-Only is a professional easy-to-use 
Genie Eyes-Only is a professional easy-to-use security software that safeguards valuable data and prevents unauthorized access to confidential information using multiple levels of the thoroughly-tested Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that is used

LetEncrypt - Encrypt your text files. 
Encrypt your text files with unlimited high levels of encryption algorithms. - LetEncrypt shows you the level of encryption through a security meter. - Encrypt your text file by using unlimited ways. - Import/Export your encryption settings.

Windows Live Messenger 8 Password Recovery 5.0.1 - Retrieves lost forgotten MSN hotmail password 
MSN Password Recovery Software Recover and retrieves misplaced login name and forgotten password if remember my password or save password option is checked in MSN Messanger Windows or MSN Messanger. MSN Password Recovery Tool supports all WIN OS.

Office Password Remover 2.0 - Password remover for MS Word and Excel docs. 
Office Password Remover allows you to open your password-protected documents, which have been created in Microsoft Word and Excel. In just about 15 seconds the program removes an "open" password and accurately decrypts the content of a document.

SuperEncryptor - a powerful professional encryption tool 
SuperEncryptor is a powerful professional encryption tool with a nice and friendly interface. Tt provides the safest way to store your information or sensitive data and protect them against malicious or unintended intrusions.

VBA Password Recovery 1.0 - Recovers VBA passwords. 
VBA Password Recovery recovers passwords for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) projects source code. VBA components are used by programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Access.

Restore google talk password 5.0.1 - Google Talk Password Recovery Tool 
Google Talk Password Recovery Software or password recovery tool instantly recover login and password information for your Google Talk Acount. Google Talk Password Decoder works when the "Remember my passwords" or "Sign me in automatically" tickbox.

HandyCrypto 3.1.298 - Hide folders and encrypt files on-the-fly. 
HandyCrypto hides folders and secures files with on-the-fly AES encryption. With HandyCrypto, there is no need to decrypt each file before you use it and re-encrypt it again when you're done, you just use the encrypted files as normal.

Google Talk Password Remover 5.0.1 - Google Talk Password Recovery program 
GTalk Password decrypter decoder works when "Remember Password" checkbox is ticked in GTalk instant messenger. GTalk password retriever support all versions of Google Talk are supported. Google Talk Password Recovery utility for recover pasword.

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