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Smart Diary Suite Medical 4.7 - Diary, graph, organizer, health monitor! 
More than a diary or a PIM, Smart Diary Suite can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. Are you curious how various aspects of your life affect your being? SDS will show you!

Smart Diary Suite 4.7 - Diary software - many unique features. 
Diary software, PIM (journal) with unique Life Factors and graphing to monitor your life. Keep track of anything you wish - the ultimate in organizer software. The Home edition is a great start to becoming organized! Try it today!

The Journal 5.1 - The Journal: Write, Organize, Remember, Find 
The Journal: Write, Organize, Remember, Find! Whatever your journaling and writing needs, The Journal provides an easy-to-use mix of convenience, flexibility, and security.

Chrysanth Diary [Personal] 4.1 - Personal diary writing software 
Chrysanth Diary is a digital personal journal/ diary writing software for diary writing and journal keeping. Your personal diary and photos will be kept organized in a single diary database. You will surely rediscover the fun of diary writing again.

Personal Daily Journal 1.5.4 - Note Organizer / Daily Diary / Journal 
Easy-to-use note management software that allows you to keep a daily diary, personal journal, project logbook, idea notebook, school notes, etc... Custom folders and topic labels allow you to organize entries in a way that makes sense to you.

Angel 1.0 - Knowledge base of any use 
Textual knowledge base of any use on MS Access 2003 and later. Can record, archive, sort, filter, search and share any kind of knowledge that can be expressed as text.

LifeJournal 3.00.00 - For complete, full-featured journal writing 
LifeJournal is the complete journal software. It keeps you organized, provides inspiration, helps you save time, stay focused, and enables you to view your entire life with ease. Enjoy a unified, simple, and secure place to record your writings.

AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 2.48 - AllMyNotes Organizer - encrypted notes keeper 
AllMyNotes Organizer Potable - keep your notes safely encrypted on USB key! With this tool you can carry your passwords, confidential notes, diaries, thoughts, ideas, with you at all the times, worry-free :)

Acute Softwares Diary 6.2 - Manages all your appointments, tasks and info 
Quickly and easily manages Appointments, Tasks and Notes even if the main program isnt running. Also reports on what applications and files you used during any day, week or month - great for people who have to produce timesheets.

Advanced Diary 3.0.2 - Diary software with many features. 
Advanced Diary is digital diary software for anyone who needs to keep regular records. Supporting multiple diaries in one database file, rich text formatting and much, much more, this software provides the ultimate solution.

Easy Time 5.1 - Diary with alarm clock & time synchronization 
Easy Time is the diary with integrated alarm clock, time synchronization, skinnable clock and taskbar clock customization. Each alarm can be set using several schedules. It is possible to perform additional actions, when an alarm is raised.

Astice Timetable 2.8.13 - Resource Management, Planning, Duty Roster 
Astice - Timetable: A smart diary and personal organizer. This software is designed as a universal tool for resource management, appointment booking, time managing and employee scheduling. Every business has resource to plan!

Energy Diary 1.10 - Free and effective way to control your weight 
Change your mind, Change your body, Change your life. Energy Diary is free and effective way to control your weight.

Gardener's Journal Premium Edition 3.1 - Gardener's Journal: Multimedia Diary Software 
Daily notes You can also maintain your very own seed and plant databases. The journal is divided up by each day of the year. For each day, you can see what you where doing the same day for many years. Multiple Gardens. Track daily purchases.

Alpha Pocket Journal 1.5 - Keep a private journal, diary or log. 
Alpha Pocket Journal lets anyone keep a private journal, diary or log for personal or business use, but that's not all... Entries are stored in an encrypted file with optional password protection.

HD Daily Journal 1.1 - Easily keep a daily journal with pictures. 
Easily keep a daily journal with pictures. Simple and fun to use. It will store an unlimited number of entries, with up to 4 pictures for each day. Easily search, browse or print entries. Will run on a portable flash drive. Free upgrades for life.

Dieter's Journal 1.0 - Dieter's Journal: Multimedia Diary Software 
Since you want to remember your triumphs and occasional setbacks Dieter Journal is set up as a perpetual diary without limits. You can begin your chronicles at any point in the year but it is most important to start it today, right now, because if yo

Baby Diary 2.5.563 - Keep track of your growing babies. 
Photograph your baby's first steps, document growth and create sophisticated charts, track dental and vaccination schedules with Baby Diary. Create Web photo albums or full-featured blog sites about your babies without needing to learn the mechanics.

Alpha Journal - Keep a private journal, diary or log. 
Alpha Journal lets anyone keep a private journal, diary or log for personal or business use, but that's not all... Entries are stored in an encrypted file with optional password protection.

Digital Diary 4.6 - Digital Diary is a tool to write your diaries 
Digital Diary is a tool to write your diaries every day without needing to write your stuff in text files.

Tortoise Diary 1.8 - Tortoise Dairy Maintaing Healthy Animals 
The 'Tortoise Dairy' was developed to aid successful tortoise husbandry, Record keeping really plays crucial role towards maintaining healthy animals, No better time to start then NOW! - It only takes a few minutes once a month.

Forever Journal 1.0 - Secure Journal writing software for your PC! 
Co-designed by a Mental Health Professional and an award winning windows developer, Forever Journal is multi-faceted journaling software that is secure and password protected.

Alive Diary - Personal diary and blog client in one. 
Alive Diary is a program for keeping personal diaries and a full-featured blog client. In Alive Diary, you can write posts in your blog, insert photos and images, format any text and upload pages to your personal blog on the Internet.

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