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Datastead RTSP/RTMP DirectShow Source Filter 1.7 - RTSP/RTMP DirectShow Source Filter SDK 
RTSP/RTMP DirectShow Source Filter SDK. Supports video and audio. Thread-safe. Adjustable video size and frame rate. Per-developer license, no runtime fees (you can distribute the application you have developed with no restrictions).

Bytescout Screen Capturing SDK 1.50.478 - Screen Video Capturing SDK for VB, C#, C++ 
Screen Capturing SDK makes screen cast recording (WMV, AVI) as easy as 5 lines of code in your VB, C# or C++ application. Provides mouse cursor hot spot, audio recording, record from entire screen, selected window, region, region around the mouse.

UM Video Overlay Directshow Filter 1.0.1 - UM Video Overlay DirectShow Filter 
UM Video Overlay Filter is a powerful transform filter.Adding unlimited texts or images, watermarks to video stream, user define font size, font name , font color, outline text, shadow text, alpha blending of text, user define alpha blending of image

Elecard MPEG Player 5.7 - MPEG Player with MPEG-1/-2/-4, 3GP support 
Elecard MPEG Player is capable of playing back all of today's popular media formats. It is a perfect solution for users with low-perormance systems, as it is optimized for the most efficient usage of system resourses with maximum playback quality.

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