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educational game

Quiz of the States Online 1.0.0 - Learn State Capitals, Flags, Date of Entry 
Educational quiz game makes learning fun. Teaches State Capitals, Flags, Date of Entry into the Union, State Bird, Flower and Tree. No installation necessary. Runs in your web browser. Includes graphic of all 50 States. Every game is different.

Word Worm 2.0 - Navigate an underground maze of letters 
A word puzzle where you navigate a maze. Mark the tunnel by completing adjacent letters into words.

The Christmas Math Game 1.0 - Have Santa Claus do his math. 
Santa Claus must do his math to deliver his presents in time for Christmas. He has to add reindeer to his sleigh before he can take off. Various levels. Concept game.

Speaking Hangman Free 1.0.0 - English and Spanish Speaking Hangman 
Speaking Hangman is an educational game to practice and expand your English and Spanish vocabularies. The game is designed for people of any age above 7 years.

Elevator Words 1.0 - An uplifting word game. 
An uplifting word puzzle. Elevate words to new levels. Align columns of letters to solve scrambled words. Over 300 different formats. 30,000+ common words plus additional word lists including French vocabulary. Various difficulty levels.

10 Amazing Fruits 2.2 - A fascinating game for young children. 
Ten Amazing Fruits is a fascinating game for young children. This game stimulates imagination and develops eye-hand coordination. Controlling and changing the cartoon graphics fascinates children for hours.

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