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ABC Kid Genius 5.00 - Learn the alphabet, spelling. flash words 
Learn the alphabet, numbers,counting and spelling using sound,pictures and video clips. Includes alphabet, flash words and spelling. Free Software Registration when 30 free words are installed from the ABC Kid Genius site.

KidsMath 1.0.0 - Is a game that teach math 
Introduction Is a game that teach math table 0 to 12 for children ages 5 to 9. What better way to learn that playing a game. Feature in KidsMath Every level consists of 20 questions. KidsMath as 4 different difficulty level that affect the

Book Reporter 5.1 - Have your classroom enter book reports. 
Book Reporter educational software is designed to be used in the classroom to teach students computer skills, keyboarding, reading, and language arts skills in one activity. The teacher's section is password protected.

A Musical Tutorial 2.1 - A Musical Tutorial, Educational Software 
- A Musical Tutorial - An excellent way to encourage musical study. Treble / bass note & chord sight reading. Associate notes to piano keys. Chord dictionary and musical games. Play, view and print scales, chords and triads. User log. Play classics.

Weekly Speller 1.7 - Weekly Speller:Practice weekly spelling lists 
WEEKLY SPELLER 1.7- Windows: An excellent way to encourage children to practice weekly spelling lists. Quickly input / record spelling lists that can be used for spelling practice or playing games. Printed reports allow parents to monitor progress.

Musical Notes Flash Cards 3.5 - Musical Notes is a musical note learning game 
Musical Notes Flash Card Game is a musical note learning game. Its self paced learning system mixed with fun, make Musical Notes an effective educational tool. It is simple to use.

HomeSchool Academy - KS3 Maths 1.1 - Homeschool Academy Educational Software 
Key Stage 3 Maths teaches Mental Arithmetic, Algebra, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Volume and Measurement. Students will learn to solve problems quickly and improve numeracy skills with revision notes and grading.

AceReader (For Mac) 2.5 - Speed Reading Software. 
Productivity/Educational Self-Improvement Speed Reading Software. Read faster while on your computer. Learn to read faster both on and off your computer. Includes reading/comprehension tests.

HomeSchool Academy - KS1 Shape & Colour 1.1 - Homeschool Academy Educational Software 
Key Stage 1 Shape & Colour provides a child with an understanding of shapes, colours and materials in the world around us, teaching cognitive skills, the properties of various shapes and colour-mixing.

Time Flies 1.6 - Have fun while learning how to read clocks! 
Time Flies, a great way to teach children how to read analog clocks in an ever increasing digital world. 4 different activities to choose from with various degrees of difficulty, three different types of printable works sheets, and much much more...

Ignazio FunHouse 1.2 - Learn alphabet and numbers 
Learn alphabet and numbers with Ignazio with 2 fun games!

Cool Educational Screensaver 1.2.021 - New educational software for all ages! 
This screensaver is both entertainment and educational software for kids and adults which involves incidental learning as a powerful method of self-education. It shows original educational videos when your PC becomes idle, every day a new video.

Two Channels Frequency Generator 1.0 - Frequency,phase & volume on L and R channels. 
Allows independent control of frequency,phase and volume on left and right channels.Measured data points can be easily captured for storage and later statistical analysis.The perfect tool for psychophysics and psycho-acoustics laboratory experiments

HomeSchool Academy - KS2 Science Skills 1.1 - Homeschool Academy Educational Software 
Key Stage 2 Science Skills introduces the fundamentals of natural sciences, including Nature & Biology, Chemistry, Energy and Materials. Students will develop an understanding of each topic and learn about the natural and chemical processes.

Snake Eye Vision 1.0 - The program simulates vision of the snake eye 
The program simulates vision of the snake eye and demonstrates why the snake is unable to see you when you have stopped moving. The program requires video capture device (e.g. web camera).

Math Flight 2.3 - Fly High with and have fun with Math Flight! 
Learning mathematics can be a challenge for anyone. Math Flight can help you master it with three fun activities to choose from! With lots of graphics and sound effects, your interest in learning math should never decline.

Education Web Elements 1.0 - Education themed HTML,and web graphics 
Education themed graphic images and web elements, including HTML web templates with a education theme, stock photos of all types of education, schools and related educational items. Great collection for education related businesses, and education.

StatCalc 7.1.1 - Inexpensive and easy to use statistical tool 
StatCalc simplifies common statistical calculations with 22 procedures. Easily compare summary statistics, develop confidence intervals, and verify hand calculations. Enter data to create descriptive, correlation, and regression statistics. Mac/Win

AcaStat 6.2.1 - Inexpensive and easy to use statistical tool 
The perfect tool for quick analysis of data whether you enter it yourself, use a spreadsheet, or maintain a database.

DreamCalc DCS Scientific Calculator 4.7.1 - DreamCalc Scientific Calculator 
DreamCalc is the leading Scientific Calculator for Windows that's so realistic it dispenses with the need for a physical hand-held altogether!

Kea Coloring Book 3.7 - Kea Coloring Book 
Kea Coloring Book for kids of all ages. "All of the fun. None of the mess!" Includes 15 pictures. Over 300 available for registered users. You can even add your own pictures. The site also has coloring competitions.

tApCalc Scientific tape calculator(Arm) 1.41 - Programmable scientific tape calculator 
tApCalc SciFi is a handy Scientific calculator for Pocket PC. It provides a simulated paper tape that allows users to record calculations and save them for future reference. Includes trignometric,logarithmic functions in addition to standard keys.

Clean the Window! 1.0 - Clean the ice from the freezing window. 
The goal of the game is to clean the ice from the window before the window freezes back. The program requires video capture device (e.g. web camera).

Punctuation Invaders 1.1 - Arcade game for punctuation and caps. 
Practice punctuation and capitalization with this arcade grammar game. The student fires a laser to punctuate words while avoiding shots from the aliens. Punctuation exercises, popular in classrooms, are now available in computer game format!

Music Notes Flash Cards 3.5 - Space Flight is a musical note learning game. 
Space Flight is a musical note learning game. Its self paced learning system mixed with fun, make Space Flight an effective educatinal tool. Its simple to use. Dedicated to promoting education, it comes with a free level which never expires.

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