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QuickSearcher 1.4 - QuickSearcher is a file search tool. 
QuickSearcher is a file search tool. Decided superiority is Preview for text search (as well as preview for graphical files), ability to search within several folders (multi directory search) or within search results, setting favorite search folders.

Instant File Name Search 1.8 - Instantly search files by name or wildcard 
Instant File Name Search (IFNS) is a fast, free and easy to use search tool. Instantly search files by name, part of name or mask (*.txt, car??.jpg, *nirvana*.mp3 etc.) on your computer or local network.

GIF Extractor 1.3 - Extracts GIF images from files of any kind. 
Finds and extracts embedded GIF images (.gif files) embedded into executables, libraries and resource files.

ShellSearch 3.0 - Find misplaced shortcuts fast. 
Find misplaced shortcuts in several of Windows most commonly used shell locations fast just by entering a few letters of their names.

10-Strike Network File Search 2.1 - Search files on network shares and FTP 
Find the necessary files on network server and computer shares. Search files on FTP servers. Enter the search phrase or file masks and find the files you need. Preview search results, open found files directly from the remote computers.

Cursor Extractor 2.3 - Extracts cursors from files of any kind. 
The most powerful cursor extraction utility for Windows. With Cursor Extractor you can extract cursors embedded into any files (executables, Windows libraries, resource files etc.) with one mouse click.

Raxso Columbus 5.0 - Very accurate, fast and robust search engine 
Search your computer in style right now. Columbus is very fast and accurate, so accurate it will find virtually any file from any drive or folder, including multiple drives, a custom list of folders, or any combination there of. Check it out today!

Reverse Telephone Lookup 1.0 - Perform reverse telephone lookups for free! 
Easily and quickly perform a reverse telephone lookup on suspicious numbers, prank callers, or any number of reasons you might have to find out who is on the other end of a phone number. With this reverse telephone lookup software you will find them!

FileTracer 1.2 - Fastest way to get to your files. 
FileTracer instantly locates and lists files anywhere on your hard disk. Search by name (full wild cards), path, date and/or file type. Explorer functionality: icons, drag drop, context menus. Also lets you find files from any open file dialog.

ImageDupeless 1.6.3 - Search/find of the duplicates images. 
ImageDupeless - the program is intended for search/find of the similar images (duplicates) in the large galleries (collections). There are advanced opportunities of cataloging the galleries available on CDs and of further off-line work with them.

Wave Extractor 1.3 - Extracts embedded WAV sounds from any files. 
Finds and extracts sounds (.wav files) from executables, game files etc.

Effective File Search 6.7 - Search any files on your PC or local network 
Search any files on your computer or local network. Search filters include date and size, containing text or hexadecimal codes. You can use Boolean operators to perform multiple keyword searches. All results can be saved to file. Many other features.

onl!ne email grabber professional 2.1.5 - The professional email grabbing tool. 
This software is the ideal solution for all companies and webmasters, who have to find and manage a huge amount of email addresses for newsletters, etc.

Vistanita Duplicate Finder 3.9.6 - Find Duplicate Files. 
Find True Duplicate Files, Duplicate MP3 and Duplicate Pictures / photos.

Cresotech Easystart 2.0 - Tool to manage/launch/monitor other programs 
Powerful and compact skinnable tool, CRESOTECH EASYSTART, is really an easy way to manage, locate, start and monitor any program on your computer with indication of the general time of its operation, how often you accessed it, and other details.

Text Workbench - Search and replace tool with FTP support 
Multi-purpose search and replace tool with full Unicode support, Text Workbench will increase your productivity and save many hours of manual editing that you spend daily for updating all your files of any type either at your local disks or via FTP.

FR Command Line Text Find and Replace 1.12 - Command Line Text Find and Replace Utility 
A Windows Console program designed to simplify find and replace text changes in sets of Microsoft Visual Studio Project files or files organised in directory trees.

MP3Detective 5.7.0 - MP3 search engine, list maker and manager 
Powerful PC search program for MP3 music. Simultaneouly searches multiple drives and directories. Default jukebox plays results. Create sorted Text or HTML lists of all MP3's. Includes a Favorites list, color schemes, Tag file editor. Brilliant.

KDT Recover Product Key 1.1.2 - Recover & change your product key 
KDT Recover Product Key is an easy and effective way to recover and change a product key for Windows, Office and Norton Anti-Virus. The software also enables the user to modify whom a product is registered with.

MultiFind 1.51 - Tabbed file search and replace utility. 
MultiFind is a lightweight efficient file search and replace application. When searching the file contents it shows text lines that contain found text. Tabs allow making a new search without loosing configuration and results of previous searches.

Find Duplicate Photo Files Pro 7.19 - Find Duplicate Photo Files - in a Moment 
Find Duplicate Photo Files - just relax while the tool will find duplicate photo files in fully automated mode. Smoothly find duplicate photo files in any specified location and find duplicate photo files everywhere.

Freeware password revealer utility 5.0.1 - Advanced GTalk password viewer application 
GTalk password decrypter recovers Google Talk password Decrypt GTalk passwords. GTalk forgotten password finder recovers password and works when "Remember Password" checkbox is ticked in GTalk instant messenger.

Odyssey 1.14 - Search your hard drive for files or phrases. 
Let Odyssey search your computer for any file or for words/phrases that are in any file on your computer. Search using AND, NOT, and OR boolean operators. Perform either case sensitive or insensitive searches. Search any or all file types.

ANI Extractor 1.3 - Extracts animated cursors from files. 
Finds and extracts animated cursors (.ani files) from files of any kind.

MIDI Extractor 1.3 - Extracts embedded MIDI music from any files. 
Finds and extracts MIDI sounds (.mid files) embedded into other files.

String Extractor 1.5 - Extracts string resources from executables. 
A fast batch tool to extract string resources from Windows executables.

Advanced Find & Replace for Excel - Find and Replace in all opened workbooks 
This handy add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010-2000 enhances Excel's built-in Find with simultaneous search in values, formulas and comments in all opened or selected worksheets and workbooks. The add-in works in Excel 2000 - 2010.

Advanced Find & Replace for Excel - Find and Replace in all opened workbooks 
This handy add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010-2000 enhances Excel's built-in Find with simultaneous search in values, formulas and comments in all opened or selected worksheets and workbooks. The add-in works in Excel 2000 - 2010.

Excel Password Recovery Master 3.5 - Instant password recovery for Excel documents 
Excel Password Recovery Master is used to get instant access to password-protected documents created in MS Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010. The program allows you to reset or recover 'open', 'write', workbook, shared workbook and worksheet passwords.

Google Talk Password Remover 5.0.1 - Google Talk Password Recovery program 
GTalk Password decrypter decoder works when "Remember Password" checkbox is ticked in GTalk instant messenger. GTalk password retriever support all versions of Google Talk are supported. Google Talk Password Recovery utility for recover pasword.

Similar Picture Find - Find duplicate or similar pictures 
Similar Picture Find is a freeware product for searching duplicate and similar pictures in large collections of picture files (wallpapers, photos, textures, etc.).

Burn Rubber: File Search Accelerator 2.3.1 - Accelerates Your File Searching To New Speeds 
Do you ever find yourself searching for a file you know is on your hard drive somewhere? Tired using Windows file search and found it horribly slow? Search over 120,000 files in under two seconds with Burn Rubber: File Search Accelerator

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