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frostwire booster

FrostWire Turbo Accelerator 2.1.0 - FrostWire Accelerator is a p2p speeder 
FrostWire Accelerator is a light but resourceful plugin which adds a plus of performance to your FrostWire P2P client, especially in the area you are most likely to be interested in the download speed.

FrostWire SpeedUp Pro 2.8.0 - FrostWire Speed up is a download booster 
FrostWire Speed up Pro is a must-have add-on for the FrostWire client. This light utility flawlessly integrates into FrostWire native client solely with the purpose of finding and downloading your songs, movies, games, books with more efficiency.

FrostWire Ultra Accelerator 3.3.0 - FrostWire Accelerator speeds up download 
FrostWire Ultra Accelerator is an enforcing add-on module for the fresh but already popular Frostwire client. It enables web bandwidth usage optimization and the best connection settings to improve the download speed and the accuracy of your search.

FrostWire EZ Booster 2.1.0 - FrostWire-EZ-B speeds up your download. 
FrostWire-EZ-Booster is a highly structured utility that comes to support FrostWire, a fresh new client in the P2P world. It employs the latest technology so that you download movies MP3s and any other files you want the fastest way possible.

FrostWire Download Thruster 2.0.0 - FrostWire D-Thruster is an accelerating tool. 
FrostWire Download Thruster is a newly born download patch aiming at boosting the core features of your Frostwire client. It allows multiple download sources, bandwidth management system and doubles your download speeds.

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