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Large Buffet Icons 2011.1 - Stock images of food, drinks and snacks 
Large Buffet Icons is a collection of stock icons that includes a variety of images related to cooking and restaurant business. Each image is provided in 5 resolutions and 3 file formats (PNG, ICO and BMP). You can use these icons for web design.

Perfect Web Icons 2011.5 - A set of web icons for your projects 
Perfect Web Icons provides you with an extensive package of beautifully designed icons for your websites and applications. With over 330 to choose from, they come in a variety of different sizes, formats and color definitions as well.

3D Business Icons 2011.3 - 3D Business Icons for your sites and software 
3D Business Icons will add a new dimension to your Web sites and software projects. This icon set contains images in sizes 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512 pixels, all hand-crafted by professional graphic designers.

Icon Maker Plus - Create and Edit your icons easily and free. 
Icon Maker Plus is a freeware that allows users to make an Icon from their own pictures and photos. You can edit and create icons, cursors and animated cursors - using the common editing tools and effects.

Icon Creator Editor - Allows you to capture, create and edit icons 
A fantastic program that allows you to capture, create and edit icons and cursors. The program also allows you to Extract icon from any file or folder, Import icons from images and files, and Export icons in a custom size and color depth.

Android Status Bar Icons 2011.1 - New Professional Android ListView Icons 
Achieving a professional look for modern Android apps is easy with this collection of over 150 clean, intuitive icons. These icons are equipped with channel and vector source options as well as multiple resolutions to make integration seamless.

Android ListView Icons 2011.1 - Professional Android ListView Icons 
Your Android applications can get the professional appeal they deserve with our collection of ListView icons that adhere to Android's design standards and will dazzle users with sleek looks. Icons for any and every task and function are included.

Android Menu Icons 2011.2 - Quality Menu Icons for Android Apps 
Any Android application can start looking its best with the help of professional, intuitive menu icons. Our set of Android menu icons has been created to meet the Android's icon guidelines while presenting users with an appealing, easy style.

Perfect Phone Icons 2011.5 - A collection of royalty-free phone icons 
Enhance communication applications with ready-made, royalty-free phone icons. Designed by professional artists, Perfect Phone Icons are both stylish and easily recognizable. There are 61 icons in the set, all sharing common style, colors and gamma.

Standard Christmas Icons 2011.1 - Bright Christmas Icons for You 
Everything there is to Christmas is presented in this exceptional icon set. It was specially crafted to bring you into a holiday mood.

Transport Icons for Vista 2011.3 - Icons for traveling, tourism and transport 
Transport Icons for Vista is a fine icon set depicting traveling, tourism, the globe and all types of transport. It's a perfect visual enhancement for a traveling agency or cars website. Icons come in various sizes and formats in 256 / 32-bit colors.

Android Icon Pack 2011.2 - Icon bundle for Android interface developers 
Android Icon Pack is a bundle which includes launcher, tab, dialog, status bar, list view, menu icons for Android interface development. Android Icon Pack includes pre-rasterized icons in ldpi, mdpi, and hdpi resolutions.

Large Symbol Icons 2011.1 - Popular stock icons for standard apps symbols 
Large Symbol Icons package of professionally drawn clipart and basic toolbar icons. Suitable for any application, user interface (UI icons), these icons are ideal for web design (social networking and business use) and in the creation of templates.

Free Icon Maker and Editor Xpress - Create and Edit your own icons and cursors. 
Icon Maker and Editor Xpress is a small and easy-to-use all-in-one icon utility for icon making, editing, changing, extracting, searching, and exploring. Using Free Icon Maker and Editor Xpress, you can Create and Edit icons and cursors.

Perfect Design Icons 2011.4 - Design icons for graphic software 
User interface is a vital part of software produced by graphic designers. They are truly the people who can value great design at it's full. We have produced a comprehensive set of 274 new design icons just for that purpose!

Free Large Android Icons 2011.2 - Have some fun with Free Large Android Icons 
Free Large Android Icons picture various artificial creatures, such as robots, crawlers and androids. Not only does the set present the creatures themselves, it also shows their moods and actions.

Free Business Desktop Icons 2011.1 - Absolutely free icons for your business 
Free Business Desktop Icons is a collection of 10 free icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs, and presentations. The images are free for personal and commercial use.

Icons-Land Vista Style Hardware & Devices Icon Set 2.0 - Vista-style electronic hardware icons 
Save development time. Cut contracting expenses. Enhance your software with readily available Icons-Land Vista Style Hardware & Devices Icon Set. This stylish set of ready-made icons represent items of modern electronic hardware.

Standard City Icons 2011.1 - City infrastructure icons for Web and print 
Create city maps that look perfect on screen and on paper. Standard City Icons come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, making city plans perfectly legible on any media from PDA screens to poster-size prints in raster and vector formats.

20x20 Free Toolbar Icons 2011.1 - Impressive free set of toolbar icons 
20x20 Free Toolbar Icons pack contains everything you need for your web site or application toolbar

Database Software Icons 2011.1 - Spice up your database apps with nice icons 
High quality icons catch user's attention and make the first impression of a program thus playing a key part in building the image of any software and its developer. Have no restraints in choosing an icon of your dream with Database Software Icons.

16x16 Free Application Icons 2011.1 - Impressive free set of application icons 
16x16 Free Application Icons pack contains everything you need for your web site or application toolbar

Standard Chess Icons 2011.1 - Professionally crafted chess icons 
Design chess games and Web sites faster with Standard Chess Icons! All white and black figures are available as 2D and 3D icons, the latter drawn in isometric projection for easy viewing. As an added bonus, you get icons representing the chess-board.

Standard Logistics Icons 2011.1 - All logistics in a set of high-quality icons! 
If you don`t have time or skills to equip your application with high-quality interface icons, you should try one of the best commercial sets around - Standard Logistics Icons! They are everything you need to create an intuitive interface in no time.

Dating Web Icons 2011.1 - Ready-made icons for online dating sites 
Speed up development of online dating Web sites and software with ready-made Dating Web Icons. The collection contains more than fifty love icons and represents many symbols and objects common to Web sites dedicated to human relationships.

Icons-Land Hardware & Devices Vector Icons 2.0 - Vector electronic hardware icons 
Save development time. Cut contracting expenses. Enhance your software, graphic or web design with readily available Icons-Land Hardware & Devices Vector Icons. This stylish set of ready-made icons represent items of modern electronic hardware.

Database Toolbar Icons 2011.1 - Sleek toolbar icons for database applications 
Database applications don't have to be boring! Database Toolbar Icons is a set of over two hundred royalty-free stock images representing various database concepts, symbols and actions. Use them to make your toolbar stylish and easy to use.

VeBest Icon Groups 1.4.0 - Desktop icons management software 
Ve Best Icon Groups is a desktop icons management software. Primary functions: - creation of circle and/or line alignment groups; - shortcut packaging into icon stacks; - selectable themes and colors; - groups animation.

Multimedia Icons for Vista 2011.1 - High Definition Multimedia Icons for Vista 
Enhance your multimedia project for High Definition displays with ready-made Multimedia Icons for Vista. Cut down your project costs and speed up development by using a set of carefully crafted, high-resolution icons!

Android Tab Icons 2011.1 - Over a hundred icons for Android developers 
Android Tab Icons contain over a hundred icons for Android developers. Designed to conform to the strictest Android Icon Design Guidelines, the collection of Android icons includes raster and vector images in a variety of formats and resolutions.

Perfect Download Icons 2011.2 - Stock icons related to Web and downloading 
Perfect Download Icons is a royalty-free collection of quality icons representing various concepts and technologies related to uploading and downloading. Includes 70 quality icons with 5 sizes, 2 color depths, 4 file formats and 3 states for each one

32x32 Free Design Icons 2011.1 - Impressive free set of toolbar icons 
32x32 Free Design Icons pack contains everything you need for your web site or graphics-related application

32x32 Music Icons 2011.1 - Impressing set of small icons 
32x32 Music Icons pack contains everything you need for the toolbar of musical software

Perfect Multimedia Icons 2011.2 - Perfect Multimedia Icons for toolbar use 
Enhance your multimedia software or Web-site with Perfect Multimedia Icons. You can dramatically lower your project costs and speed up development by using a set of readily available toolbar icons!

Icons from File 5.01 - Tool for extracting icons from files 
Icons from File extracts icons or icon arrays from files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.). Can scan folders and search for EXE, DLL, OCX files, which contain icons. Extracted icons can be printed or saved to ICO, BMP, JPEG, EMF, GIF, PNG, HTML, and DBF files.

Standard Agriculture Icons 2011.1 - A large set of agriculture-related icons 
Standard Agriculture Icons is a comprehensive set of professionally-drawn icons related to everything agricultural - from cattle breeding to product transportation. Affordable and eye-catching, they will breathe new life into your application!

Navigation Toolbar Icons 2011.1 - Vibrant navigation icons for any interface! 
Navigation Toolbar Icons is a comprehensive set of navigation-related handcrafted icons coming in a variety of formats, resolutions and color depths! Created by professional artists, these images will make your applications stand out from the crowd!

Security Toolbar Icons 2011.1 - Software security icons of great quality! 
Security Toolbar Icons were designed by professional artists and demonstrate a level of detail that will surprise both you and your customers! They come in a variety of sizes (16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 pixels) and color depths.

48x48 Free Object Icons 2011.1 - Bright and lively free object icons. 
Incorporating visually excellent icon elements into your program or other project is a breeze with our collection of attractive free object icons. Our set has the perfect object for a wide range of program operations and features a generous size.

All Toolbar Icons 2011.2 - A mega-pack of toolbar icons for developers 
All Toolbar Icons is a collection of more than twenty royalty-free toolbar icon sets. Including thousands of unique images, the All Toolbar Icons pack supplies each icon in a variety of sizes, color resolutions, visual states and file formats.

12x12 Free Toolbar Icons 2011.1 - Impressing free set of toolbar icons 
12x12 Free Toolbar Icons pack contains everything you need for your web site or application toolbar

Large Time Icons 2011.1 - Large Time Icons for Any Applications 
If you are looking for a modern and stylish graphic interface for your recent application, consider using icons in large sizes. Large Time Icons set by is just what you need. This set provides the best appearance to all your projects.

Free Icon Pack 2011.1 - Impressing free icon pack of toolbar icons 
Free Icon Pack contains everything you need for your software application. Download our Free Icon Pack and see it improve your work instantly. Icon images are provided in size 48x48 only. There is a bright color scheme available.

48x48 Free Time Icons 2011.1 - Impressive free set of 48x48 pixel icons 
48x48 Free Time Icons pack contains everything you need for your software application or Web site

24x24 Free Toolbar Icons 2011.1 - Impressive free set of toolbar icons 
24x24 Free Toolbar Icons pack contains everything you need for your web site interface or application toolbar. Bright and smooth icons in this pack represent concepts commonly used in all kinds of applications and online systems.

IconCool Studio 6.54.90620 - Professional program for Vista icon editing. 
An absolute solution to create, edit, convert, and extract Vista icons and 32-bit icons or cursors. The included Mixer creates custom icons from scratch by multiple layers and a variety of ready-to-use design elements.

Large Mobile Icons 2011.1 - Mobile icons for phone-related applications 
Enhance the look and functionality of your mobile-related application or website with Large Mobile Icons. This collection includes 64 unique mobile icons in 5 resolutions and 4 file formats for easy integration into any software or online system.

Large Logistics Icons 2011.1 - Royalty-free Logistics Icons and clipart 
Large Logistics Icons allow Web designers and application developers produce professional-looking products for logistics and storage specialists, commercial and business applications.

Large Factory Icons 2011.1 - Stock Factory Icons and clipart 
Large Factory Icons represent various industry-related concepts and objects allowing Web designers and application developers produce professional-looking products for production and storage specialists, commercial and business applications.

Phone Toolbar Icons 2011.3 - Ready-made Phone and Communication Icons 
Speed up development of telephone-related products and services and improve the usability and appearance of your new project with premade Phone Toolbar Icons. This icon pack includes icons in a variety of sizes and formats.

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