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Opera web browser for Windows 11.50 - Opera 11.50: The fastest web browser 
Opera 11.50 is the fastest browser available and offers more features than any other browser to take advantage of today's Web. This is why more than 50 million people choose Opera for their computers. Download it now and try it for yourself.

Columbus 1.2.0 - Columbus is a versatile web-browsing tool 
Columbus is a dedicated web-browser that covers various needs - from web-searching and torrent downloading, to file-management and customization. It's fast, simple, and secure. It supports sites like The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, BTJunkie, Torrentz, etc.

Comodo Dragon - The Web is what you make of it! 
The Web is what you make of it, with the most secure and versatile Internet browser! Comodo Dragon - Fast, Reliable, Easy to Use, Superior Security and Privacy, Social Friendly and also FREE!

BlackHawk Web Browser 1.0.305 - User friendly web browser without any bloat. 
BlackHawk Web Browser is an efficient, user friendly web browser, without any bloat inside.

SlimBrowser 5.01.029 - Best Web Browser that's fast, secure and FREE 
SlimBrowser is a fast and secure FREE web browser software. It includes popup blocker and automatic form filler; supports site groups; provides one-click access to search engines and personal accounts; supports URL filter and advertisement filter.

ArtistScope Web Reader 1.0 - Web reader for copy protected web content 
Free download for web reader to view copy protected web pages and media. ArtistScope Web Reader is the only web reader designed for and dedicated to the copy protection of web pages and embedded media.

Net.Ex Pro 1.0.1031 - Goes beyond the limitation of Tabbed Browsing 
Maximize your web browsing efficiency and upgrade to Net.Ex Pro Ultra Edition now! Get the Ultra Internet Experience, Get Net.Ex Pro Ultra Edition for only €19.95.

Visual Explorer 2.1 - The ultimate fully featured web browser 
Visual Explorer is the ultimate, fully featured web browser. Benefits include private data and safety (phishing) filter protection, one-click Google searches, advanced printing and ad/pop-up blocking and support for Internet Explorer add-ons.

ID Toolbar Remover 1.2 - ID Toolbar Remover removes toolbar items. 
ID Toolbar Remover is a program that removes undesired items in the Toolbar menu and deletes unwanted BHOs and any unsolicited preferences.

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