PadRING What are they doing when you are not home??
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Piano Chords 1.2.0 - Chords/Scales on a virtual piano keyboard. 
You wonder how to play a particular chord on the piano or how a particular scale looks like? With the program Piano Chords you can see many different chords and scales on a virtual piano keyboard. Thereby any key tone can be chosen, of course.

Keyboard Logger Download - Spy user activity in complete concealed mode 
Powerful and efficient keyboard logger download software enables user to keep track on other person activity by executing in surveillance mode and generates activity information log files protected with password authentication settings.

Klavierakkorde 1.2.0 - Chords/Scales on a virtual piano keyboard. 
You wonder how to play a particular chord on the piano or how a particular scale looks like? With the program Piano Chords you can see many different chords and scales on a virtual piano keyboard. Thereby any key tone can be chosen, of course.

Acordes de Piano 1.2.0 - Chords/Scales on a virtual piano keyboard. 
You wonder how to play a particular chord on the piano or how a particular scale looks like? With the program Piano Chords you can see many different chords and scales on a virtual piano keyboard. Thereby any key tone can be chosen, of course.

Aml Maple 2.58 - Aml Maple is tiny indicator of active languge 
Aml Maple is a new point of view at keyboard layout indicators: simple, modern, flexible. It's easy to find: just look at the typing place or mouse cursor. Current layout can be indicated with colored symbols and national flag icon.

Ardamax Keylogger 3.8.2 - Captures ALL keystrokes typed. 
Ardamax Keylogger is a small, easy-to-use keylogger that captures user activity and saves it to a logfile. The logfile can be viewed as a text or web page. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your computer while you're away.

Comfort Keys Pro 5.0 - Perform routine actions in one click! 
Perform routine actions in one click! Stop typing the same text over and over again! Now you don't need to go through numerous menus to find the necessary program or web page. Leave your mouse alone and configure hotkeys for all of your actions.

Parental Controle - Best parental control monitoring application 
Utility enables you to track all activities that have been took place on your system caused by your guests, friend or spouse while you are not present at home or office and make you free from the headache of theft of confidential data from your PC.

KbdEdit 1.1.11 - Windows Keyboard Layout Editor (32, 64 bit) 
Change mapping of any standard or special key. Supports ligatures, dead keys, Undo/Redo, instant preview, Unicode navigation, drag&drop internally and from other applications, import of MSKLC .KLC files, automated management of Language Bar list

FLicKeR - Investigate what files are in the web cache. 
Via a very intuitive interface, you simply tell it to read a text file and keep or remove certain lines that contain the text you specify. One of its most useful applications is that it makes the process of evaluating log files easier.

HyperClick II 2.0.10 - Create keyboard & mouse shortcuts or combos. 
HyperClick II lets you create keyboard and mouse shortcuts and combos, so you can click 50 times/ sec, or fire off a combination of keys with a single button. Fully configurable, so you can create any combo you want.

Mouse and Keyboard Recorder - Mouse and Keyboard Recorder 
Mouse and Keyboard Recorder is an easy-to-use tool that can record all your mouse and keyboard actions, and then repeat all the actions accurately. It is very usefull and can save you a lot of time and effort.

ClipFast 1.1 - Organize your notes and create shortcuts 
Organize your notes and create shortcuts for frequently used text. With ClipFast you can organize your notes and choose shortcuts for each note, so with a single key combination you can have your text copied to the current program.

Macro Expert 2.99.5 - Instead of you working for routine tasks. 
Macro Expert is a powerful productivity utility is designed to automate repetitive or routine tasks. You will be impressed with it which can greatly simplify your work, increase your productivity, save your time and money. Hotkey Organizer 2.00 - Create global shortkeys to accelerate work! 
Insert text or execute any file by pressing a shortkey defined by yourself. Use any character, any figure or one of many other keys from your keyboard. Just combine that one with SHIFT, ALT, CTRL or with Windows key, with more or with all of them.

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro 5.0 - Virtual On-Screen Keyboard for TabletPC, UMPC 
The software displays a unique virtual keyboard on the screen and enables you to use the mouse cursor or the touch screen to type text in any available language. Ideal for using on Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), TabletPC and kiosk.

Chris PC-Lock 3.00 - Chris PC-Lock-The best way to protect your PC 
Chris PC-Lock - The best way to protect your computer privacy - developed by Chris P.C. srl.

Hotkeycontrol 7.0.2 - Hotkeycontrol 
Hotkeycontrol is the award winning solution to create keyboard shortcuts for routine tasks. These tasks include, but are not limited to opening files, ejecting cdrom drives, restarting the computer, typing frequently used text and recording macros.

Key Remapper 1.4 - Key, mouse button and mouse wheel remapper 
Key Remapper enables you to block and remap keys, mouse buttons and mouse wheel actions to other keys, mouse buttons, double clicks of mouse buttons and key presses, rotation of the mouse wheel and combinations of all of above actions with modifiers.

Stealth Monitoring Software - Download windows vista keylogger software 
Computer monitoring application secretly captures all visited website URL, email ID, login name, password, typed documents. Keyboard logger program can be useful for organizations like IT, BPO and educational Institutes to increase work efficiency.

EUYAO Replayer - Liberate you from complicated computer jobs. 
This is a mouse and keyboard record-replayer in Windows. It has a feature of targeting window basing on window's relative location, so its replaying ability upgrades very obviously.

Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor 4.6 - Train your self to type with ten fingers 
Typing speeds illustrates familiarity with computer. It simplifies your daily work, emails writing and increases your productivity.Save 30 min in writing 10 emails. Accordingly, this is a user friendly software. It trains you to use the keyboard well

Advance Keystrokes Recorder - Advance key logger monitors PC activities 
System monitoring utility covertly traces screenshots, all typed characters and other user actions performed on your computer in your absence. Keystrokes recorder tool keeps record in encrypted log file which is inaccessible by all external users.

Keyboard Manager Deluxe 2.18 - Assign shortcuts, text and objects to hotkeys 
Assign shortcuts, text, and objects to over 350 keyboard hotkeys, including function keys, letters, and numbers, with Shift, Ctrl, and/or Alt. Press hotkeys to open programs, files, and webpages, and to paste text, files, images, and sounds.

ergonomix 3.7.1 - promote healthy computer use 
ergonomix is a personal ergonomic assistant which monitors our keyboard and mouse activity and helps us structure our computer use in a healthy and constructive manner, thus preventing computer-related injuries from developing.

VerseQ 2008.7 - VerseQ, next generation touch typing tutor 
VerseQ touch typing tutor, a new step in touch-typing technology. Yes, you can touch type in an hour! Check for yourself!

Pc Monitor Tool 5.12 - Pc Monitor Tool monitoring Activity tool. 
Pc Monitor Tool Activity pc monitoring tool recording keystroke, website. Keystrokes activity tool is keyboard tracking tool that monitor, record, send email log of every click. Software recorder record every keyboard keystroke work executed.

Stealth Activity Monitoring Tool - Keylogger records keyboard typing activities 
Parental control application records all pressed keys including special keys Alt, Shift, Ctrl, Tab etc, characters, file transferred, online chat conversation, visited website URLs, email id, username, password, recently used documents and files.

Keylogger Program - Free computer keyboard activity tracking tool 
Computer keystrokes surveillance tool captures online and offline user activities performed on laptop. Keyboard monitoring tool records all keyboard strokes and internet activities including login, password, chat conversation, visited URLs etc.

Advance Keyboard Monitor Software - Keylogger send capture screenshots via email 
Key logging utility automatically capture screen shot of all running application and send to user given email id. Keystroke monitoring tool records each type keystroke, chat conversation, passwords, site URL and open or closed application on your PC.

Keystrokes Capture Software - Keyboard tracking utility monitors keystrokes 
Keylogger application stealthily traces pressed keyboard characters in password protected text file and subsequently forward it to user email ID. Keystrokes capture software helps in monitoring tasks performed by family members, employees on your PC.

Keylogger - Keylogging software track username, password 
Invisible key logger freeware utility have great functionality to create complete or specific records of keyboard activities as typed login ID, passwords, chat conversation, websites address on computer system by other users in your absence.

Computer Monitoring Programs - Download PC monitoring keylogger software 
Stealth Keylogger utility records password, email, document which are typed using keyboard of computer in a log file and send to user specified email id at regular time period. Professional PC monitoring tool is not tracked by any antivirus software.

Keystroke Capture Tool - Keylogger capture all users computer activity 
Keylogger is stand alone application that captures all key press of keyboard, web activity like surfing, chat room activity etc. Tool is capable to record all functional key, numeric key etc in password protected log file and support windows OS.

Email Keylogger - Download invisible keyboard monitoring tool 
Keyboard activity tracker tool easily records keystrokes, Internet activity, sent and received emails, passwords into encrypted log file and send to specified email. Keylogger tool works in stealth mode and does not detected by antivirus software.

Advanced Keylogger Software 5.0.1 - Key logger record all Keyboard activities 
Keyboard recorder record track invisible keystroke key characters text user activity voice chat conversations login password capture email screen. Keyboard activity monitoring software record microphone sound website url screens short capturing.

Perfect Keyboard, Standard Edition 7.4.8 - Assign key shortcuts to macros, type faster 
The program allows a user to create a file of frequently used phrases, paragraphs, e-mail addresses, macros, clipboard entries, scripts, etc. and use them in any application just by typing a short abbreviation (text shortcut) or pressing a hotkey.

Voiced Keyboard 3.2 - Make your keyboard speak! 
Make your keyboard speak. Hear what you are typing! Avoid keying errors by listening to your documents as soon as you type them. Improve your typing speed greatly!

Keylogger Surveillance Software - Keylogger record keyboard pressed keys in log 
Keyboard key tracker is software that captures all typed keystrokes including typed e-mail, passwords, chat conversation, URLs, text documents etc and generate detailed report of recorded data that can be send at user’s specified email id.

Clean 'n' Go 2.8.2 - Disables mouse or keyboard for cleaning 
Ever noticed how you always have your computer turned on when you realise you need to clean the mouse (or spill a drink on the keyboard and need to mop it up in a hurry)? And while cleaning the mouse, you inadvertently screw up running programs?

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger 1.68 - Keylogger with Remote Installation feature 
Perfect Keylogger helps you to find out what they are doing on their PC. With this key logger you will receive their keytrokes, chats, websites, screenshots and passwords by email or FTP. Covert surveillance - as easy as never before!

Jitbit Virtual Keyboard 2.22 - Multilingual on-screen virtual keyboard. 
Jitbit VirtualKeyboard is a multilingual on-screen virtual keyboard. Type text with your mouse, trackball or stylus (digital pen used by Tablet PC devices with a touch screen), whenever you are unable to use a physical computer keyboard.

Jitbit Macro Recorder 5.0.2 - Keyboard and mouse recorder, player, editor. 
Jitbit Macro Recorder is a keyboard recorder, mouse recorder, player and script editor. All recorded keystrokes and mouse activity can be saved to disk as a macro, bound to hotkeys, extended with custom commands or compiled to an EXE file.

Virtual Programmable Keyboard 1.02 - Easily record keystrokes as a global macro. 
Virtual Programmable Keyboard is a simple software application to easily record keystrokes as a Windows macro, emulating a programmable keyboard. Now you can make common and repetitive tasks simple and easy. Just record them to a single keystroke.

Keyboard Monitor Program - Keylogger software traces keyboard characters 
Keylogger utility covertly captures all keystroke related activities in hidden password protected log file. Keyboard monitor program is completely undetectable by any antivirus application and bypasses all major anti keylogger software and spy tools.

Keyboard Logging Software - Keylogger monitors computer keyboard activity 
Keyboard keylogger software saves all typed keystrokes characters, files transferred, chat history, screen snapshots, running programs, website URLs, accessed data documents in a secret log file and sends it to the specified administrator email id

Computer Keyboard Tracking Software - Keylogger software tracks keyboard typed keys 
Computer keyboard tracking software records all text email, multilingual passwords and chat conversation into a hidden encrypted log file. Download keylogger program monitors employees, child and spouses activity done on PC or laptop in your absence.

Keyboard Monitoring Tool - Software record all keystroke log hidden file 
Keystroke recording utility records each typed keystroke special character of keyboard stored in invisible log file. User activity monitoring software run hidden mode save every key press information in secret log files with date, time and location.

Active System Locker 3.2 - Computer Access Control Tool. 
Use System Locker to restrict access to your PC by locking keyboard and mouse. It has startup and automation options, supports audit and scheduling features. Protects your system when you are away. Extremely effective for home and office use.

Keyboard Activities Recording Software - Keyboard recorder tool capture all keystrokes 
Keyboard capture software record each key press, data, login passwords, monitor user activities. Keylogger tracks all typed keystroke of any application, monitor user, employee activities and save in log file. Key press recorder run in hidden mode

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