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laptop tracking

Anti Theft Laptop Cop 2011.15 - Laptop Anti Theft Security Software 
With anti theft Laptop Cop's revolutionary Geolocation feature, you'll be able to instantly locate your stolen laptop on a map no matter where it goes.Once your laptop is stolen, you'll be able to remotely access your stolen computer

MyLaptopTracker Laptop Tracking Software 3.0 - My Laptop Tracker: Laptop Tracking Software 
Track down your laptop within minutes. Recover all your precious data as well as remotely block your system Recieve real-time results direct in your inbox and Flickr/Imageshack account. Lapop Tracker ensures you get your laptop in the same condition and all your data remains secure.

Snuko AntiTheft And Data Recovery for PC 1.2 - Protect your personal computer data 
If you lose your pc / laptop or have it stolen you can retrieve important files, encrypt your data and lock down your device. You can also track its geographic location for recovery and if you have a webcam, capture images of the user.

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