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BeTrayed 1.1 - Easily add shortcut icons to the System Tray 
BeTrayed! is a small 32 bit command line utility which allows you to easily add a collection of shortcuts to the System Tray (Notification Area in Microsoft speak) It allows you to quickly access frequently used folders, files, URLs and applications.

LaunchOnFly 1.52 - Start Menu alternative and hotkey manager. 
LaunchOnFly is a Start Menu alternative and hotkey manager. It lets you launch applications, open files, folders, Web sites, and send e-mails faster and easier using quickly accessible and easily configurable menu.

SkypeLauncher 1.6.3 - Launches multiple skype sessions 
With Skype Launcher you are not bound to one Skype account system. Skype Launcher enables you to use all your Skype accounts at the same time, machine, and session. Skype Launcher is compatible with Skype 3, Skype 4 and Skype 5.

Icon Pallet 2.0.5 - Program and document launcher for Mac OS X 
Organize your programs, files and folders on an expandable pallet instead of cluttering your desktop with icons or squeezing them onto a crowded dock.

Shortcuts Pool 2.3 - Windows Launch Center software 
It can category shortcuts by your definition.1. Popular shortcuts 2. Folder shortcuts3. Program shortcuts include many categories4. Define shortcut name or icons

Hitonic JAR-Starter 1.0.9 - Launch JAR/JAD files in various environments. 
Hitonic JAR-Starter launches JAR and JAD files in various J2SE and J2ME environments. The program integrates with Windows Explorer. There is a system of flexible settings with the automatic detection of J2SE and J2ME environments on your computer.

SuperLauncher - Powerful and easy launcher and scheduler 
Powerful launcher and scheduler that provides quick access to your favorite applications, folders, websites, and documents. This productivity booster supports drag-n-drop, hotkeys, advanced scheduling, shortcut grouping, text insert, and reminders.

Perfect Menu 4.2.1 - Customize/replace pop-up menu in any app. 
Utility that allows a user to customize or replace pop-up menu in any application. When user makes a right-click , the Perfect Menu either extends standard context menu by adding new commands or completely replaces it by user's defined one.

NLauncher 1.7 - Lightning fast application launcher 
NLauncher is a surefire way to free the desktop from numerous icons, folders and files while preserving simple, one-click access to them. Simply drag them to the pop-up panel on the left or right side of the desktop and access them when you want.

CLR Script 1.62 - Automate common Windows tasks 
Automate common Windows tasks. Using a C-like language, powerful script programs can be written.

CodySafe - Manage portable drives and applications 
Simply the best menu utility for portable applications. Turn your USB drive to a computer-on-stick. Add, manage and launch portable applications with ease and comfort. See available disk space. Keep your disk healthy with Drive Doctor. And more...

WinShortcuts 1.2 - A shortcut manager application. 
An application that helps you to launch your programs easily and to organize your shortcuts. You can see all your applications with launched state on one screen. There are separate panes for shortcuts to folders and files.

Able Launch Bar 3.8.3 - Able Launch Bar is Quick Launch replacement 
Able Launch Bar is a window similar to the Quick Launch bar. This is Application Desktop Toolbar with built-in Windows Explorer. Able Launch Bar offers a system of shortcuts far more superior than Quick Launch.

JLauncher 1.4 - Automatically launches Java Applications 
JLaunch is a lightweight executable used to launch Java applications directly, without the need for batch files with DOS boxes popping up and distracting the user. JLaunch will give your Java application a professional, clean finish.

SWiJ SideWinder 2.4.1 - Innovative Multipurpose Quick Launch Tool Bar 
SWiJ SideWinder is an exceptionally powerful multipurpose quick launcher program which allows you to launch all of your Applications, Websites, Shortcuts, Folders, Document Files, Pictures, Music and Videos faster than ever with just a single click.

Maverick Launcher 3.8 - A powerful launcher with built-in utilities. 
A powerful and flexible launcher combining ease of use with a myriad of features including an alarm clock, a hex file viewer, an advanced font viewer, a file wiper, a file/disk profiler, a file toucher, a zip reader/writer and a zip repair tool.

MyFavorites Pro 1.0 - Easy to use software launcher. 
MyFavorites Pro is an excellent way to help you better organize your software applications. Organize better. Have quick and easy access to all your favorite programs. Spend more time working on your computer and not looking for your programs.

Invisible Launcher 1.01 - Quickly launch programs,files,folders,documen 
Quickly launch programs,files,folders,documents.

PathfinderIII 2.5.1 - Full featured desktop shortcut launcher. 
Full featured desktop shortcut launcher. PathfinderIII keeps all of your important programs, frequently accessed folders, favorite web addresses and e-mail addresses within easy reach. It helps get rid of clutter on your desktop.

1st TurboRun 2.0 - Any program, website or document 1 click away 
1st TurboRun is Net's most convenient Start menu replacement! Forget irritating browsing through folders and constant clicking. Down with solutions that take weeks to configure before they start working. This solution works instantly!

FlashTray 4.0 - Multifunctional system tray utility 
Multifunctional system tray utility. It includes a multilevel Launchbar, Programmable Macro Hotkeys, Screen Highlighter, Color Picker, Screen Magnifier, Character map.

Better Launcher 1.0 - Instant access to applications and documents 
Better Launcher provides instant access to all your applications, documents and folders.

Free Launch Bar 2.0 - Replacement for Quick Launch 
Free Launch Bar is compatible with Quick Launch and allows you to combine your shortcuts into popup menus with unlimited levels.

IntegryDESK 1.41 - A Swiss army knife for your OS!. 
IntegryDesk enhances desktop management and window navigation. Organize you icons into cascading popup launch panels, access any file, folder in one click, minimize windows to tray, roll them up/down, put on top and even make them semi-transparent!

CastleBar 2.50.1 - Toolbar menu to launch programs and folders 
A powerful yet simple toolbar menu to quickly launch applications or open folders. Easy to configure, drop-down parameter lists, user-defined bitmaps, check for updates across the Internet and more …

Screensaver Launcher 1.03 - Activate screensaver from the desktop or tray 
Activate your default screen saver from the desktop or system tray. Get small and useful utility, only for $9.45 !

xStarter 1.9.3 - Automate each and every process in your PC 
xStarter will help you to automate each and every process in your computer. Automate operations on schedule, or on a keypress or via various events (windows event log changes, file/folder modifications, signals from an RS232 port, TCP/IP, etc.)

Tablet Commander 2.2 - Application Launcher for Tablet PC 
Tablet Commander helps you quickly execute your applications with few pen flicks. It allows you to store shortcuts for your commonly used applications and command and help you run those commands quickly.

xStarter Web Pilot 1.8.9 - Automate remote PCs with scheduled tasks 
A special edition of an advanced task scheduler that allows you to prepare system maintenance tasks locally and deploy them to all computers in your organization. Control remote tasks with a built-in web browser interface.

XStart 2.4.2 - An easy to use application launcher. 
XStart is an easy to use application launcher. A good alternative to the Windows Start Menu. Friendly and intuitive. It provides quick access to your favorite programs, shortcuts, folders, documents and websites.

SWiJ SideWinder Quick Launcher 2.4.1 - Innovative Multipurpose Quick Launch Tool Bar 
SWiJ SideWinder is an exceptionally powerful multipurpose quick launcher program which allows you to launch all of your Applications, Websites, Shortcuts, Folders, Document Files, Pictures, Music and Videos faster than ever with just a single click.

Clap Commander 1.1 - Control your PC by using a mic and clapping! 
The program allows for remotely controlling your computer from another part of the room by clapping your hands. Clap once, and Media Player will launch, clap twice, and Media Player will start/stop, clap three times, and the computer will turn off.

Rapid Deployment URL Launcher 1.1 - Launch your favorite url's with one click. 
Freeware tool that launches urls in separate default browser windows with only one click.

CodySafe Admin Pack - administrators "swiss knife" 
CodySafe Admin Pack is a suite of portable applications, compiled to serve the needs of network administrators, computer maintainers and IT specialists. The suite is packed within CodySafe menu system, which makes it much more handy and convenient.

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