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Label Designer Software - Label and identity card designer software 
Efficient barcode label maker software facilitates to generate multiple barcode labels and ID cards at same time having any shape and size. Reliable and simple barcode label designer software prints colorful labels and ID cards with barcode facility.

Free CD Label Creator - Identity card and label generator software 
Reliable and simple Label creator software generates multiple colorful and printable label designs using advance image setting options. Innovative ID card and label generator software facilitates to save label and card designs in any image format.

Print Birthday Cards - Utility for design beautiful birthday cards 
Technically designed advanced birthday card designer utility with extraordinary features to design most beautiful and attractive greeting cards, anniversary cards and birthday cards for conveying your best wishes to your friends and relatives.

Hospital 2d Barcodes - Pharmacy industry 2d barcode label generator 
Flexible medical barcode generator software provides colorful barcode labels using advance image setting option. Easy to operate healthcare industry barcode label generator software prints barcode labels having any size and shape in few mouse clicks.

Retail Inventory Tracking Barcode Maker - Provides business barcode tags in fewer time 
Retail and inventory tracking barcode maker software creates professional inventory barcodes labels as per business necessities. Affordable barcode maker software for retail business and inventory tracking drawing attractive retail barcodes labels.

Lithuanians Code Lines Counter 2.2 - Standalone counter of source code lines. 
Standalone application. Counts physical lines of source code, of given folder, with configurable file extensions.

PDF Chart Creator Dynamic Link Library 1.2 - Create PDF charts from data using a DLL 
Create high quality PDF area, bar, line and pie charts quickly and easily from data royalty free using a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). Fully documented API can be included and used with most development environments regardless of language used.

Chartz 2.29 - Chart design tool 
Charting tool for the rapid design of 13 different chart types, including bar, dot, horizontal bar, line, pie, donut, scatter, xy, area, histogram, error bar, bubble, gantt and volume charts. Additional features include 3D and multiple datasets

MagicDial 1.1 - Simple phone dialer with skin interface. 
The program which helps you to contact somebody by a telephone line through a modem. The program has a pleasant skin graphic interface, and a convenient simple address book.

NetMailBot 5.0.2 - DOS Command Line Email to send and receive 
DOS Command Line Email client for sending and receiving email. Features: HTML or plain message formatting, mail merge, ZIP compression, message forwarding and auto-reply, import data from any ODBC data source, and more.

Line Reader 2.0 - Turn your mouse into a helpful reading line 
What if there was one simple application could help guide your eyes while reading, making digesting long electronic documents easier and more efficient? That’s the core reason behind Line Reader.

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