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HTMtied 2.0 - Instantly convert a link to a tiny HTML file 
HTMtied instantly converts any Internet address (link, URL) to a very small HTML file that when opened in any browser, it will automatically load that address. Use it when you want to save a link for future use on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Menu Builder 1.0 - Navigation button for menus. 
Menu Builder can be used for navigation buttons or to display an image at any size. It was designed to overcome problems found with using JavaScripts for rollovers in page inserts.

.NET Linker 4.04.18 - .NET Linker - link .NET dll assemblies 
.NET Linker is the utility that can link multiple modules into a single file for deployment. The Linker interface intended for linking multiple managed executables or assemblies into a single module or assembly.

Force 1 PageRank 1.0 - Page Rank Checker for Windows 
F1 PageRank enables you to check the current pagerank of any website instantly. Furthermore, Generate a pagerank icon button that displays the present Google PageRank of your website in the footer of your home page, or any other page of your website.

Force 1 Cloaker 1.0 - Link Cloaking Generator 
Link Cloaking Generator Can Help Save on Affiliate Commissions By At Least 300%. Secure your affiliate links and keep your hard earned commissions from being appropriated from affiliate thieves.

FocoLink 1.6 - Converting long URLs into short ones 
FocoLink is revolutionary software for converting long URLs into easy-to-use short ones. FocoLink will come in handy for all Internet users having accounts in social networks, using instant messengers and can't imagine their lives without chat rooms.

Menu Builder OS 1.0 - Navigation button for menus. 
Menu Builder can be used for navigation buttons or to display an image at any size. It was designed to overcome problems found with using JavaScripts for rollovers in page inserts.

Back Links Checker Software - Advance reciprocal link monitoring software 
Link reporting application monitors back link status of advertiser websites on distributed publisher domain in real time and sends mail to the webmaster at pre-defined email address if your link has been removed from publisher site or site not found.

Link Partners Monitoring Software - Utility closely watches website status on web 
Powerful sever uptime examiner application keeps you up to date with performance of your web URL on World Wide Web (WWW). Link partners monitoring software provide backup and recovery facility for website status records to avoid data lost condition.

Complete Text And Link Rotator 1 - Day, minutes, seconds, milliseconds options! 
Text and link rotators daily, by hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, and in order! Random text and text link rotators comes with all of these! As many rotators can go into each page as you want. Rotate all your own content yourself!

Mihov Link Checker 0.5 - Finds broken links 
Mihov Link Checker is a simple program that is used to verify links on a list, a local page or on a web page directly from the internet. It checks whether the linked files are missing, forbidden or somehow not correct.

Link Checkup 1.3 - Monitor advertising and reciprocal links. 
Having trouble keeping track of your advertising and reciprocal links? Link CheckUp makes it easy! You can monitor Web sites that you have exchanged links with, or purchased links from, to make sure that the sites are still linking back to your site.

Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder 1.0 - Cloak affiliate links for today's browsers. 
Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder is the easy, quick way to hide affiliate URLs on modern web browsers. Cloak affiliate links on any web page or blog. Create new links with ease and automatically convert existing links. The ultimate cloaking solution!

Bioloide 1.6 - Online interface to various checking tools 
Bioloide is an interface stored on your website with several tools to check various aspects of the site. It is extensible, you can add your own tools.

Website Backlinks Checker - Backlink checker utility monitors link status 
Website direct link checker application maintain records of backlinks, they are linking to your sites. Google backlink checker technique provides support for direct links, java script links and all other kind of links on publisher websites.

Link Maven 2.04 - Parallel link file transfer tool for Windows 
Link Maven is a parallel link file transfer tool for Windows 95 - Vista. Connect two PCs together with a Laplink/Interlnk compatible cable and copy, move, & delete files and directories between them. Also connects to DOS/Win 3.1 PCs.

Advanced PDF to HTML converter - Convert PDF file to HTML preserving layout. 
Convert PDF files into HTML so they can be used for online browsing and accessible to all search engines. Graphics, hyperlinks, bookmarks and vector drawings will be preserved.

HTML Link Validator 4.52 - Professional link checker. Case sensitive. 
Professional link checker. Checks unlimited number of pages and links. Very fast, fully automated, multi-threaded, with a link-following web spider that reports on all tested links. Checks favorites, Internet shortcuts, lists, etc.

Mihov Program No 14 0.6 - Add custom text to each line of your document 
Mihov Program No 14 is used for transforming text files to hypertext files. This is useful when you have a text file containing URLs or web addresses. The program can add 'http://' or custom text to each line.

RefChecker 1.2 - A tool for scanning sites for broken links. 
RefChecker is a useful tool for scanning web sites for broken links. You can specify either a local file or domain name to start checking from and RefChecker will scan all pages and check all links on each page.

Same Files Assistant 3.1 - Creates hard links, frees space on NTFS 
Same Files Assistant can create and enumerate hard links. You can do it manually or from results of analyzing your disk for duplicate data results. This will help you not to use space for duplicate files storing.

MO Button 1.1 - Display a nice button in a Drupal website. 
The MO Button module is an input format filter used to create very appeal graphical buttons on your Drupal websites.

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