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Android SMS App - Utility to transmit business notification 
Professional bulk SMS sending software for android mobile phone facilitates users to quickly compose and forward thousands of group messages to individual or multiple receivers located worldwide without requiring internet gateway.

Free 3GP Converter 2.0 - Convert your videos to 3GP format 
Free 3GP Converter is a freeware designed to convert all your Videos files to your Mobile Phone. 3GP or 3G2 format. It supports to convert your favorite video from AVI, MP4, iPod, PSP, 3GP, 3G2, Zune, iPhone, FLV, MKV, WMV, ASF, MOV...

Android PC SMS - SMS software to broadcast limitless messages 
Highly reliable and easy to use Android PC messaging software provides facility to compose and forward massive alerts and standard SMS at different network mobile phone users located world widely to create product marketing campaigns in easiest way.

Perfect Phone Icons 2011.5 - A collection of royalty-free phone icons 
Enhance communication applications with ready-made, royalty-free phone icons. Designed by professional artists, Perfect Phone Icons are both stylish and easily recognizable. There are 61 icons in the set, all sharing common style, colors and gamma.

LCG Photo viewer 2.10 - LCG PhotoBook - photo viewer. Free download. 
LCG PhotoBook - photo viewer. Best photo viewer for Symbian, Android an WM. Free download.

DJ ToneXpress The Ringtone Creator 4.7.3 - Create and send ringtones to your mobile. 
Use DJ ToneXpress (now iPhone compatible) to make unlimited customizable ringtones from your PC music files, CDs & YouTube videos, and also make unlimited wallpapers, send full tracks (from PC, CD, YouTube) on your cell phone, send free SMS messages

SMS from Windows - Software to quickly send massive information 
Advanced group text messaging software to compose and forward boundless sms form windows based phone to any other cell network globally without requiring internet gateway and allow user to easily contact with office colleagues and family members.

BlackBerry SMS - Application to forward unlimited job alerts 
Best and comprehensive Blackberry bulk text messaging software offer users with sophisticated feature to deliver unbounded sms to individual or group of people located anywhere in world in few simple steps and without requiring internet connection.

App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 2011.1 - A set of high-quality WP7 app bar icons 
A collection of 252 PNG application bar icons for your WP7 applications. Every icon has the right size and color, meets Windows Phone 7 requirements and will help you save a good deal of time when designing a perfect UI!

Mobile Number Spider 3.58 - mobile number search and extract software. 
Professional mobile phone number search and extract software. It has a powerful search and extract capabilities. you can enter a URL or a keyword, the system will automatically search and extract mobile phone numbers, the operation is very simple.

The Ringtone Maker 5.2.8 - Make ringtones from your music files 
The Ringtone Maker Plus is just that: an unlimited, unrestricted editor to create 5-60 sec customized ringtones from MP3, WMA, WAV, Audio CD, OGG files or even YouTube videos.

Notebak Anti-Theft 1.0.9 - Digital Label, Alarm, GEO Fence, WiFi Traking 
Track & locate laptop. Alerts on a closing lid or unplugged power cord. Remote and local webcam pictures with sound and more. SMS and email alerts. Recover and deletel data from a stolen computer. GEO Fence. Digital Label to return stolen laptop

BT Watcher 1.6.0 - Automatic lockdown via a mobile phone. 
Immediately upon installation, you can assign your mobile with BT Watcher, and you can forget about locking your PC: BT Watcher will do it every time you will leave the vicinity of the computer.

SMS from PC - Windows bulk SMS tool is designed to send SMS 
Advanced bulk SMS application facilitates with advanced option so that they can skip duplicate number entries. Professionally developed bulk SMS program provides user ability to save their sent messages to templates by enabling various options.

TreeSize Mobile 1.4 - File and folder management for Windows Mobile 
TreeSize Mobile helps you to find large files and folders. The file system is represented in a tree view and it shows you the size of folders, including their sub folders.

3DPhotoFree 1.4.0 - Turn your phone into a 3D camera 
Turn your phone into a 3D camera - For Nokia C7 Astound and other mobiles. Advanced 3D modes and editing tools let you create your masterpiece in a few seconds. Make your old album of photos into 3D with the unique 'Single Photo' mode.

Avira AntiVir Mobile for Pocket PC - AntiVir Mobile for Pocket PCs 
The increasing integration of mobile terminals in business communication processes makes it clear that a solution to protect against viruses and malware should be installed on every smartphone or pocket PC.

Perfect Mobile Icons 2011.1 - Icons for PDA and mobile software developers 
Enhance the appearance of mobile software by using a set of matching icons. Dial and Hang-up, Ring Tone, Bluetooth and 3G, GPRS, various Battery states, SMS, Email, and many more handy icons common for PDA devices are crafted in a matching style.

Android SMS Program - Bulk sms software for android mobile phone 
Standard and professional bulk sms freeware software provides simple solution to transmit text messages from personal computer to group of mobile phone users. Android technical software provides freeware program to support full version of cell phone

CheapestSoft Mobile Video Converter 2.0.13 - converts iPhone, BlackBerry,Mobile video 
CheapestSoft Mobile Video Converter converts almost all PC video files and DVD to iPhone, BlackBerry, and all other popular mobile phones. for best quality of audio and video output for your video mobile phone.

Pairs memory game 2.3 - Pairs memory game for mobile 
Pairs memory game for mobile Java enabled devices let's you play the popular card game for free on your mobile phone. Download now and see if you can make a high-score in our hall of fame.

BT Watcher Pro 1.6.0 - Automatic lockdown via a mobile phone. 
Use your mobile phone to lock and unlock your computer screen automatically. Assign your mobile with BT Watcher, and it will automatically lock computer every time you will leave the vicinity of the computer and unlock computer when you will back.

Toolsoft UI Mockup 1.04.2 - Desktop, Web, Mobile UI mockup design 
Toolsoft UI Mockup is a digital desktop, web and mobile UI mockup design software, helps you improve design efficiency and slash time to market.

Theft Aware 2.0 - Recover your lost or stolen mobile phone. 
A thiefs NIGHTMARE for Nokia and Android: recover lost or stolen phones with Theft Aware - the only tool world-wide which maintains COMPLETE SOFTWARE INVISIBILITY to the thief while the victim is provided with FULL ACCESS to the phone per SMS!

Mobile Web 3.0 1.0 - The Next Generation of the Internet on Mobile 
Upload, Download and Share mobile content on the Mobile Web 3.0 with other mobile users. Simply backup or transfer all your mobile files to Mobile Web 3.0 and share it everywhere!

Optimal Shopping List Maker 1.9.7 - Make shopping list, optimize by price, print. 
Quickly and easy prepare shopping list, helps to reduce cost by hinting cheapest market for generated list. Can sent shopping list to mobile, e-mail or print it. You can add new products or categories to program database.

Mobile Lines 1.2.2 - Interesting game with simple rules. 
Interesting game with simple rules for mobile devices with .NET Compact Framework 2.0. Put 5 colored balls in one line and get score points.

Toolsoft UI Mockup 1.04.2 - Desktop, Web, Mobile UI mockup design 
Toolsoft UI Mockup is a digital desktop, web and mobile UI mockup design software, helps you improve design efficiency and slash time to market.

Mobile Web 3.0 1.0 - The Next Generation of the Internet on Mobile 
Upload, Download and Share mobile content on the Mobile Web 3.0 with other mobile users. Simply backup or transfer all your mobile files to Mobile Web 3.0 and share it everywhere!

BlackBerry Mobile SMS Marketing - BlackBerry mobile SMS marketing advertisement 
Advance blackberry mobile SMS marketing utility that enables user to forward enormous amount of text messages using blackberry cell phones without internet connection to contact phonebook records saved in mobile phone memory or computer memory.

Pocket PC SMS Advertising Software - Pocket PC sms sending tool send text messages 
Pocket PC to sms advertising software broadcast group of message to all GSM and CDMA mobile phone from Windows based mobile. Messaging program sends unlimited sms to national and international cell phone networks without using internet connection.

BlackBerry Mobile Marketing - Software globally delivers bulk SMS, messages 
Text messaging utility is capable to send group SMS, news, notifications etc to all GSM and CDMA based mobile phone users. BlackBerry mobile marketing software delivers text messages, event reminders, meeting schedules etc with date and time details.

ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional 2.0 - 1D and 2D barcode images for ASP.NET Mobile 
Barcode images for ASP.NET Mobile Web Applications. It generates the most popular linear and 2D barcode symbologies. It renders the barcode image for each mobile device in the preferred image format by each of them.

Mobile Phone Inspector Utility - Cell phone analysis utility shows IMEI numbe 
Mobile phone inspector application provides VC++ source code for customized development and scientific investigation regarding cell phone. Application software generates complete cell phone information including manufacturer name and model number.

ZylGPSReceiver Mobile 1.50 - Compact Framework GPS receiver component 
ZylGPSReceiver Mobile is an event driven Compact Framework.NET component that communicates with a GPS receiver. It is designed for mobile devices such as PDAs, which run on Windows Mobile (CE) operating systems.

Mobile Phone Inspection Software - Cell phone examiner displays mobile details 
Mobile phone inspector is freeware tool that provides complete detail of the multimedia mobile phones including mobile number, mobile manufacturer name, model number, battery status, signal quality, IMEI number, sim IMSI number and network status.

Send To Phone 2.1 - Send files to your mobile phone with ease! 
Send polyphonic ringtones, images, and other files to your mobile phone without any cables and adapters! With "Send to Phone", you can transfer files with a few mouse clicks.

Mobile Sync Pro 1.0 - Sync, Share, Backup and Protect your Mobile 
MobileSync Pro lets you Sync between all your mobiles and the MobileSync Pro server that acts as the central repository.

Mobile Audio Convert ActiveX 1.0 - Convert mobile audio, extract ring tones 
Ready to use solution for developers who want to make wide popular mobile ringtone utility software that can extract ringtones from existing music, convert audio, change result volume level. Supported formats: MP3, MP4, AAC, AMR, MMF, WMA, OGG, Wave.

Mobile Sync Pro Android 1.0 - Sync, Share, Backup and Protect your Mobile 
MobileSync Pro lets you Sync between all your mobiles and the MobileSync Pro server that acts as the central repository.

Cell Phone Inspection Software - Cell phone examiner displays mobile details 
Cell phone inspection utility fetches information from all Pocket PC, PDA and Smart phone device and saves in text file format. Mobile analysis program helps in studying different cell phone functions like CeCreateProcess, CeCreateFile and CeReadFile

O3Touch 3.412 - 3touch is a windows mobile dialer 
O3touch is a windows mobile dialer that significantly speeds up calling, searching, texting and emailing your contacts.enables 1 finger , writing, searching, dialing, sending. Offered in 13 languages with many features. visit

Windows Mobile Forensic Software - PDA investigator show Pocket PC information 
PDA surveillance investigator program provides effective forensic report that has detail of device manufacturer name, memory status, database file, IMEI number etc. Pocket PC forensic utility save all information in html or text file format.

Mobile ImageDraw 1.1 - Use GDI+ in your ASP.NET Mobile Applications 
Use GDI+ in ASP.NET Mobile. Deliver real time dynamically generated images such as charts, diagrams or any other graphical application. It renders an image file (wbmp-gif-jpg-png-bmp-ico-tiff) to the image format preferred by client mobile device.

Mobile Phone SIM Card SMS Recovery Tool 5.0.1 - Cell Phone SIM card data recovery software. 
Cell Phone SIM card data recovery software restore deleted SMS undelete text messages and recover accidentally deleted GSM mobile cell phone missing inbox outbox draft sent items SMS. Sim Card Deleted SMS Recovery utility recover mobile phone simcard

Mobile SIM Card Information Recovery - Mobile phone SIM card data recovery program 
Mobile phone SIM card information retrieval program fetches phone book numbers, IMSI number and deleted text massage from damaged SIM card. SIM card contact number restoration program facilitates user to save fetched details in a text file.

Mobile SIM Card Reader Tool - Download SIM card erased data reader software 
SIM card message reader software supports various USB SIM reader manufacturers. Application can also retrieve lost information which is deleted while inserting SIM into another cell phone. GSM/3G SIM cards recovery tool retrieves inaccessible data.

Convert to Ringtone Wizard 1.19 - Convert music files to mobile phone ringtones 
Create polyphonic ringtones of WAV, MP3, MMF, QCP and AMR formats directly from WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE music files. You can convert whole files or any part you prefer and send created ringtones to your phone without cables.

AXMEDIS Mobile Player 1.6 - AXMEDIS Java Mobile Player 
AXMEDIS Java Mobile Player for cross-media content. The package includes some AXMEDIS Demo content.

Read Deleted SMS Messages - Download SIM card lost data recovery software 
Deleted SIM card SMS recovery utility is created to rescue and provides printing details of all of your accidently deleted SIM card data and records like deleted phone book, address book, lost contact numbers with name, text messages etc.

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