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PageR Enterprise Network Monitoring 5.2.9 - System and network monitoring with alerts 
PageR monitors Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 7. Monitored Object types can be chosen to Monitor Windows Services, Disc Space, Disc Drives, Windows Event Logs, Windows Folders, Web Pages, Disc Files, Windows Process

FreePortScanner 2.8.3 - Freeware and Fast Computer Port Scanner. 
Free Port Scanner is a small and fast port scanner for the Win32 platform. You can scan ports on fast machines in a few seconds and can perform scan on predefined port ranges.The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

NetGong 7.5 - Monitor connectivity and device availability. 
NetGong is an intuitive network monitoring tool that allows you to monitor connectivity and device availability of your network.

Alchemy Eye PRO 11.2.3 - Server monitoring tool 
Alchemy Eye PRO is a system tool that continuously monitors server availability and performance. In the event of network errors, the program can alert the network administrator by cell phone or pager FORE problems get seriously out of hand.

Wandering IPs 1.5.7 - Visualise your internet connections in 3D. 
Wandering IPs allows you to visualize your TCP connections in 3D. It monitors connections made to or from your PC, identifies remote IP adresses and then tries to determine their geographic locations.

Checklan Basic 1.2.2 - Network Monitoring tools for windows 
Checklan Basic is an Agentless remote manager for services, printers, Processes, Shares, Sockets, New graph reports. Checklan Basic is the most simple and effective way to inventory all your computers.

IPHost Network Monitor Basic 3.1.4975 - Distributed Web site performance monitor 
IPHost Network Monitor is a distributed network services and web sites uptime and performance monitor using a number of protocols. It can be used to detect any kind of availability and performance degradation and notify human operators in time.

IPHost Network Monitor 3.1.4975 - Distributed network and server monitor 
Distributed network and server monitoring tool for various servers, web applications and e-commerce sites, network equipment via SNMP (UNIX/Linux/Mac) & WMI (Windows), HTTPS, FTP, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, SMTP, IMAP...

SolarWinds Free SNMP Enabler 1.0 - Remotely Enable SNMP 
* Remotely install, enable, and configure SNMP on any Windows server or workstation on your network * Simultaneously enable SNMP on multiple machines * Save time when deploying applications requiring SNMP

Server Nanny Network Monitor 4.0.0 - Server Nanny network server monitor 
Reduce downtime and be the first to know when a server or network device fails. The last time you had a network or server failure how long was it before the problem was discovered? Don't wait for employees or customers to report the problem.

NetSendFaker 1.2 - Allows to send anonymous net send messages. 
NetSendFaker allows you to send anonymous Net Send messages to anyone that is connected to the network. You can also emulate messages as if they were sent from other computer. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

Shared Monitor 1.1 - A Windows shared resource monitor and logger 
Shared Monitor is an advanced shared resource monitor and logger. The program sits in your system tray and constantly monitors all the MS Network connections. It allows you to monitor active connections to your resources and browse historical data.

Finger 2.0 - Discovering information using finger service. 
Finger is the tool for discovering user information by using well known finger service. To use the finger tool enter the User@)Host in the Finger Input box, and click on the Query button.

IPHost Network Monitor 3.1.4975 - Distributed Windows server monitoring 
IPHost Network Monitor is a distributed Windows server monitoring piece of software utilizing WMI, able to use many protocols, to alert human operators in case of service efficiency degradation and many types of services performance decrease.

SolarWinds ipMonitor 10 - The New Gold Standard for Up/Down Monitoring 
SolarWinds ipMonitor delivers out-of-the-box, up/down monitoring that is perfect for keeping up with your network, servers, and applications. Plus, it includes a built-in database and Web server, so you don't need to install anything but ipMonitor.

ManageEngine OpUtils 5.6 - Switch Port & IP Address Management Software 
OpUtils offers the ability to map your Switch Ports to devices to its physical location. The IP Address Manager tool automatically discovers the subnets and scan them periodically to get the details of Used & Available IP Address in your network.

SolarWinds Free IP SLA Monitor 1.0 - Unlock the Power of Cisco IP SLA 
IP SLA Monitor enables IP SLA on Cisco routers and switches, configures the path-specific operation details, and displays the resulting real-time performance information in an easy-to-read dashboard.

PingCOPA Network Tools 3.01 - PingCOPA Network Tools 
PingCOPA Network Tools are an aid for network users when monitoring and diagnosing IP network problems. Alarm conditions can trigger speach output, email or activate an application. Built in whois, nslookup and traceroute functions.

SiteUp 2.0 - Web Site Monitoring Software 
SiteUp monitors your web sites and warns you when any become unreachable (e.g. when a server crashes). Because it checks page content it can even detect when the server is OK, but a site or page is unavailable.

ArpCacheWatch 1.3 - ArpCacheWatch monitors Windows ARP cache. 
ArpCacheWatch monitors Windows ARP cache and allows to send an ARP request to obtain the physical address that corresponds to the specified destination IP address. The ARP cache contains IP/MAC translations.

ShareAlarmPro 2.1.1 - Monitoring network access to shared folders. 
ShareAlarmPro monitoring network access to network shares, allows to see parameters of the workstation which tries to establish a connection with your computer.The remote workstation, user, path, OS, permissions of the accessed folder.

Perspective Network Management System 2.5 - Network troubleshooting & remediation system 
Perspective is a troubleshooting and remediation platform for small and mid-enterprise networks. Includes VM, device and application monitoring, alerts, performance baselines, NetFlow, sFlow & JFlow support, wireless networks and robust reporting.

MonitorMagic - Server & Network Monitoring 6.0 - Pro-active monitoring and alerting solution 
Pro-active hardware, operating system, application and SNMP monitoring and alerting software for Windows Server systems.

NetVizor 6.0 - Centralized Network Surveillance Software 
NetVizor is the latest in powerful network monitoring. Monitor your entire network from one centralized location! Invisibly record and report all activity that occurs on your network - from keystrokes and programs, to web, chat, and email usage.

BhoScanner 1.9 - Freeware Browser Helper Objects Scanner. 
BHO Scanner gives you a quick look at the BHOs installed on Remote PC.It is known that the browser helper objects are loaded each time the browser is started up. Some BHOs are helpful, but there could be malicious ones that will harm your computer.

ShareAlarm 2.2 - Share access alarm Tools. 
Share alarm is a tool that allows you to see parameters of the workstation which tries to establish a connection with your computer.The remote workstation, user, path, OS, permissions of the accessed folder.

Free WMI Monitor 1.0 - Desktop Dashboard for Windows App Monitoring 
Our free WMI Monitor monitors any Windows application or server, giving you amazing insight into real-time performance. Use built-in, community-sourced, or custom templates to start monitoring immediately!

Free PacketTrap pt360 ToolSuite 2.3.11 - Free IT network dashboard & diagnostic tools 
Free PacketTrap pt360 Tool Suite provides network monitoring and diagnostic tools in a single interface. Features are device discovery, Cisco Configurator, Switch Port Mapper, NetFlow Listener, TFTP server, SNMP, WMI, Port, DNS, Syslog, application monitoring

NetPalpus 2.10 - A professional network management tool. 
NetPalpus is a powerful and easy-to-use network management tool, which can discover, organize and monitor all devices on your network.

SolarWinds Engineers Toolset 10.4 - The Most Trusted Tools in Network Management! 
Monitor & Troubleshoot with the Most Trusted Tools in Network Management! Once you've experienced Engineer's Toolset, you'll never troubleshoot your network the same way again. It includes a collection of powerful network management tools.

SolarWinds Real-Time NetFlow Analyzer 1.0 - Unlock the Power of NetFlow on Your Network 
This new free tool determines the types of traffic traveling through the network, where it's coming from, and where it's going. Real-time NetFlow Analyzer takes the guesswork out of diagnosing network traffic spikes and stores up to one hour of info.

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