PadRING What are they doing when you are not home??
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Keystroke Logger Download - Software prepare logs for all PC activities 
Powerful keystroke monitoring application examines all internet related activities executed on your computer system. Keystroke logger download software is able to measure every single key entered on your PC via keyboard with proper date/time details.

Mac Monitoring Software - Spy system usage with Mac monitoring software 
Effective Mac monitoring software provides user powerful option to track complete guest user system activities during your absence by recording key strokes and producing user activity log file presenting computer owner the files and folders accessed.

PC On/Off Time tracking 2.0 - tracks the working time on your computer 
PC On/Off Time graphically displays the usage time for your computer for the last 3 weeks without having to start any logging (uses Win 7/Vista/XP/2000 built in feature). You can see at what times the computer was on or off in a simple overview.

Reciprocal Link Exchange Management Tool - Reciprocal link checker tool monitor backlink 
Backlink analyzer software keep close monitor your website reciprocal link on various partner website concurrently. In case of any problem occur to opening that webpage or backlink is removed from any partner website then software alert user.

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