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Easy Time 5.1 - Diary with alarm clock & time synchronization 
Easy Time is the diary with integrated alarm clock, time synchronization, skinnable clock and taskbar clock customization. Each alarm can be set using several schedules. It is possible to perform additional actions, when an alarm is raised.

TWCrypt 1.0 - Crypt ocx/ActiveX for VB, Delphi, C++ 
Crypt ocx/ActiveX for VB, Delphi, C++ for strings

zannoTate 1.25 - Image annotation and drawing program 
zannoTate is a vector-based image annotation and drawing program that makes it easy to create professional artwork. You can create anything from simple line item annotation to intricate technical drawings. Even embedded your drawings in documents.

OLEPrint 1.3.15 - Document ActiveX object methods & properties 
Print constants, enums, methods and properties of ActiveX objects, in color, and export the output to PDF, HTML and RTF.

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