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oracle database

Sonswish - Oracle database browser 1.3.66 - Sonswish - Oracle database browser 
Sonswish Oracle database browser is the Windows based graphical tool for database navigation, data updating, exploring, table relationships checking or validating Oracle database. Sonswish allows the DB developer to create Oracle objects

Secure Ora Auditor 2.0.1267.0080 - oracle database security 
Network based Risk Management Software provides oracle database security vulnerability assessment & auditing software,secure scanner tools. Secure Oracle Auditorâ„¢ (SOA) is an Oracle auditing and Oracle security vulnerability assessment software.

DC Data Manger 3.3 - manipulate your database records in any way 
navigate and manipulate your database records any way you want. This program is essentially a beefed-up version of Binding Recordset, Forget about coding the hard way - with Data Manger, you can add, save, delete, or edit data using only simple codes

DC Binding Recordset 3.3 - manipulate data form in any way you want 
DC Binding Recordset lets you effortlessly navigate database records, on top of adding, editing, saving, or deleting them. In a few clicks lets you set the links or relationships between database tables, and set up a search functionality.

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