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ABIX 7.15.01 - Manage your agenda, contacts and much more! 
ABIX includes everything you need to store and organize ALL your information in one place. Its intuitive interface and ease of use make learning ABIX a snap. With ABIX you can manage your agenda, tasks, contacts, anniversaries, passwords and more!

MyPhone Book Dialer Pro 9.7 - Phone book dialer and manger. 
Store your personal or business contacts. Dial phone, send an email or go to a web site with a simple click of a button. Print one or all contacts.

Aml Pages 9.28 - Aml Pages is tree-like a notes manager 
Aml Pages is tree-like notes manager. It contains all your notes, information, web pages, passwords, URL-address in the form of a tree, so you can quickly find what you need.

BREAKTRU MyPhone Book Dialer 9.7.1 - Phone book dialer. 
Store your personal or business contacts. Dial phone, send an email or go to a web site with a simple click of a button.

Daily Planner Journal 5.6 - Easy to use planning software and more. 
Daily Planner Journal is a capable, multi-module organizer. It includes a daily planner, small daily journal and a to-do list.

Library Organizer 2.4 - Feel at ease with the best Library Organizer! 
Library Organizer was developed for those who really love reading! There's nothing like Library Organizer for an extensive books collection! Using it, you can quickly filter your collection, sort and group books by various criteria, quickly find it.

Daily Planner Plus 7.0 - Easy to use planning software and more. 
Daily Planner Plus is a capable, multi-module organizer. It includes a daily planner and a to-do list, as well as standard and loan calculators. You'll also find areas for figuring a home budget, keeping a warranty information database, and more.

Desktop Calendar and Personal Planner 2011.0.0.1 - Easy to use desktop calendar and planner 
Desktop calendar and personal planner will help you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more. Make appointments and set up alarms to remind you of upcoming events, meetings, birthdays, aniversaries, etc.

C-Organizer Lite 4.0.1 - an elegant personal information manager 
C-Organizer Lite is a personal information manager with elegant design and all the necessary features: it lets you plan your day, set alarms and keep a Address Book with photos. Also this program includes a Tasks manager and a Notebook.

Personal Knowbase Reader 3.2.1 - Viewer for Personal Knowbase data files. 
Personal Knowbase Reader is a viewer for data files created by Personal Knowbase freeform note management software. Share Knowbase content with friends or co-workers, even if they don't have a copy of Personal Knowbase. Free for personal use.

Time & Chaos - award winning contact manager crm software 
Use this contact manager crm to organize your telephone book, appointment schedule, and to do task list for better time management! Even share your contacts and data on a network without any extra or expensive server software. 21 day trial available.

Personal Knowbase information manager 3.2.1 - Flexible freeform keyword-based note manager. 
Organize your notes with keywords using Personal Knowbase. Capture, index, cross-reference, and find related information easily. This freeform information manager software handles large numbers of notes and keeps them quickly accessible.

Home Multimedia Library 2.1 - Multimedia Files, Cds Library & Playback 
Home Multimedia Library is a solution for digital media cataloging, organizing and playback. You can catalog your Cds, photos, playlists, audio and video files

Power Notes 3.59 - Desktop notes organizer and reminder. 
Power Notes is a desktop notes organizer, reminder and scheduler for Windows allowing you to create electronic stickers and display them when the time is due. The program is very easy to use and has low system requirements.

Ebook Organizer 2.2 - Smart Ebook Organizer masterly manages books! 
The top-of-the-range Ebook Organizer is here to help you bring desired order to your book collection. It is amazingly beautiful and incredibly easy to use! Add ebooks and audiobooks to your database in many ways. Great view modes are at your service.

PROACTIME LIGHT 5.0.1 - PROACTIME, a new generation of PIMS 
PROACTIME LIGHT is a user friendly Personal Info Manager. It is dedicated to users who look for a powerful tool to pilot their activities. All functions of PROACTIME PRO are available except saving of project and resource files.

Video Organizer 6.3 - Video Organizer automatically catalog movies 
Forget the headache of organizing your movie collection using the super powerful Video Organizer! It saves your nerves and a lot of your time. This Video Organizer helps you make own screenshots and place them in the right order. Have fun using it!

Scandinaviansoft Cookbook 1.2.5 - Easy to use recipe software organizer. 
Scandinaviansoft Coookbook comes with 1600 recipes which you can edit, rate, delete, print and share with your friends. You may submit your own recipes for other users to download and you can download other users submited recipes.

My Notes Center 1.5.3 - E-Organizer and personal information manager. 
E-Organizer and personal information manager jam-packed with features like an overstuffed sandwich. Store personal notes, e-mails, web links, phone numbers, addresses, even credit card numbers safely and securely. Download your free trial copy now!

VisiTrax Lite/Standard 2.11 - DJ-friendly organizer for CDs, tapes, MP3s. 
DJ-friendly organizer for CDs, tapes, MP3s. CD player imports titles from Internet. Fast lookups, multi-column sorts, playlists. Full-featured FREE use for small libraries; Standard Edition upgrade supports large libraries. ZDNet 5-star rating.

MusShell 3.0.1 - Music collection organizer software 
Enhance audio CDs or music files with information and pictures. Apply a consistent structure to all your music and related pictures, info. Organize music into libraries by themes and subthemes. Navigate among your music with the Music Explorer.

4ASoft Agenda 10.01 - Manage your work easily with 4ASoft Agenda. 
4ASoft Agenda is necessary for project management. View and control data of your project - work schedules, material stock, human resources, costs, etc. Generate various invoice types. Perform mass mailing. Design recognizable letter templates.

Active Document Keeper 1.21 - Stores and manages any electronic documents 
Active Document Keeper is a document storage and management system. ADK stores various electronic documents in one or several document databases. Allows you to quick preview, scan, print and edit all documents directly from the ADK.

Victoria Clothes Organizer 1.2 - It is a program for management your wardrobe 
Victoria Clothes Organizer is a program for management your wardrobe.This utility will guide you through a creation of clothing sets for any occasion. You will be able to create clothing sets for each destination,weather and temperature beforehand

SRS Recipe Organizer 1.0.0 - Cleans up your old recipes. 
SRS Recipe Organizer is a program you can use to turn your old recipes into new ones without retyping. To use SRS Recipe Organizer you take a good digital picture of your old recipe import it and save it as a new formatted recipe.

Lotus Organizer Password 1.3 - Recover Lotus Organizer file passwords 
Lotus Organizer Password allows you to recover passwords which Lotus Organizer files (.or?) are protected with. Lotus Organizer Password recover passwords for all Lotus Organizer security levels (Owner, Assistant, Reader, ...)

Organize MP3 Music 4.69 - Organize MP3 Music - Easily 
Organize MP3 Music - easily with MP3 Music Organizer. With such powerful MP3 music organizer as Organize MP3 Music, all your MP3 music files will be organized automatically. More info and free MP3 Music Organizer download at

Sofonesia Reminder 1.2 - Set a reminder with music on your desktop. 
Set reminders with music on your desktop.Unlimited reminders can be set.Each one of the reminders can have their own music or supports MP3 as well as wave files.It supports snooze functionality as present in recent alarm clocks.

Calendar and Day Planner (USA Edition) 2011.0.0.1 - Easy to use calendar and day planner software 
Calendar and Day Planner will help you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more. Make appointments and set up alarms to remind you of upcoming events, meetings, parties, vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Automatic Photo Sorter 2.13 - Automatically organize digital pictures 
Stop wandering through endless digital pictures, and organize your collection into chronological sub-folders for fast, intuitive browsing completely automatically with just a few mouse clicks!

Better Launcher 1.0 - Instant access to applications and documents 
Better Launcher provides instant access to all your applications, documents and folders.

WinCat 1.1 - The WinCat organizer. 
It is a compact and easy-to-use notebook designed for storing various textual information. You will be able to track everyday tasks and, what's more, the program will notify you of upcoming tasks.

Memento 2.6 - Reminder and wallpaper manager. 
Reminder and wallpaper manager for Windows XP. It will help you to manage your time, keep record of birthday and holidays, manage your walpapers and remind you of planned events in different ways.

Secretary Organizer 4.91 - Easily manage your schedule with one program. 
Secretary Organizer allows you to easily manage your daily, weekly and monthly tasks in a easy-to-use, user friendly desktop application. Secretary Organizer is the only task management solution you will ever need to use!

Online Password Manager 4.1 - Keep Your Data Organized, Secure, Mobile! 
An online application developed to help people store data securely online. With this program, you safely store all your confidential information in one place while freely access them anytime from anywhere.

Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro 3.36 - The ultimate mp3 files collection organizer 
Advanced MP3 Catalog is the quickest and most convenient way of managing and organizing your mp3 files collection. Browse your database within seconds, create catalogs and playlists, edit ID3 tags, generate and print reports and CD covers and more!

Disclib 2.0.50 - Disclib is a CD collection organizer program. 
Disclib is a CD collection organizer program. It may be used as a catalogue of CDs. After creating the catalogue, disclib stores file and folder names and tree, allows user to categorize folders and files, and allows searching all the imported files.

Advanced MP3 Catalog 3.30h - The ultimate mp3 files collection organizer 
Advanced MP3 Catalog is the quickest and most convenient way of managing and organizing your mp3 files collection. Browse your database within seconds, create catalogs and playlists, edit ID3 tags, generate and print reports and CD covers and more!

Music Express 4.26 - Full-featured Audio CDs and music organizer 
Music Express is a full-featured application to organize and manage audio CD collections and music downloaded from Internet with search, rename, and file organizing tools, duplicate file searching, printing file lists and CD cover functions.

IE2Aml 2.61 - Plugin for IE and Aml Pages 
The plugin execute of fast data saving from Internet Explorer to Aml Pages documents.

Quick To-Do Pro 4.5.1 - Quick To-Do Pro is a to-do list organizer. 
Quick To-Do Pro is an award-winning small and easy-to-use organizer with a strong focus on to-do list management. Quick To-Do Pro can also act as project-management software, diary and remider.

Sarbyx 2.7 - A new way to manage your computer with ease 
Sarbyx offers a new level of interaction with your computer. This powerful utility combines an event planner,organizer,utility quick launch option and smart system manager. Sarbyx is the ultimate software companion for effective and comfortable work.

Snip-It Pro, A Code Snippet Organization Tool 2.5.1 - Save Code Snippets, Keystrokes and Time 
Save Snippets, Keystrokes and Time with Snip-It Pro, the code library organizer designed to make developers and designers more productive with syntax highlighting, automatic commenting, code templates, hot keys, Snipplr Integration, search and more.

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