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Attachments Processor 2009 1.23 - Extract attachments from mail client database 
Attachments Processor 2009 is a software product designed to extract attachments from mail client message databases and to make an archive of the files extracted. Use internal scheduler to extract attachments without your assistance.

Backup Outlook 3.0.15 - Backup and restore Outlook quick and easy. 
Backup and restore your Outlook quick and easy. Your mails, appointments, journal, tasks, notes and contacts are saved. Furthermore your email accounts and other settings are included in the backup.

DetachPipe Free for Outlook 6.0.11 - Need to send huge email attachments? 
Need to send sensitive attachments? Want to know if they were ever read? DetachPipe makes it easy to send private files like white papers, proposals and resumes, and to track how many times they were read, if ever, and even see if they were deleted.

Get Back Groupwise to Outlook 2.0 - Get Back Groupwise to Outlook utility 
Get Back Groupwise to Outlook PST application is the brilliant solution for all users who want to Export Groupwise also easily by a beginner user to Migrate Groupwise to PST unproblematic.

Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert 3.2 - easily recover or transfer e-Maii in OE 
Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert(AOEME) is designed to quickly scan and extract your messages in corrupted Outlook Express folders. The software helps you recover, repair or backup your email.

Genius Connect - Mail - Store Outlook mail in any SQL Database. 
Store Outlook or Exchange mail in any SQL Database with an ODBC driver.

Best Groupwise to Outlook Tools 2.0 - Best Groupwise to Outlook Tools 
Best Groupwise to Outlook Tools can assist you to achieve your all required data files and folder from Novell Groupwise to Outlook through Best Groupwise to Outlook Tool

Best Groupwise to Outlook Tool 2.0 - Best Groupwise to Outlook Tool 
Best Groupwise to Outlook Tool can be making possible for you to Export Groupwise Server to Outlook PST using via our superb features Novell Groupwise to Outlook tool to Migrate Groupwise to PST

Best Groupwise to Outlook 2.0 - Best Groupwise to Outlook application 
Best Groupwise to Outlook utility is available to switch Groupwise Server to MS Outlook platform that is make easier with our one of the best Server to MS Outlook PST Software that is easy to use.

GeniusConnect - Synchronize Outlook with any SQL Database. 
GeniusConnect will synchronize Outlookor or Exchange folders with any SQL database that supports ODBC (MS Access, mySQL, SQL Server, Oracle etc.).A folder (Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Journal, Notes and Tasks) can be linked to a database table or view.

ClearContext Professional 5.4.4 - Automated personal assistant for MS Outlook. 
ClearContext Professional is an automated personal assistant that extends Microsoft Outlook capabilities to automatically prioritize, organize, share, and manage email, tasks, and appointments.Office 2010 x64 support available on

Aid4Mail 2.22 - Easily import/export mail from 40+ formats. 
Aid4Mail is an industry-leading email conversion and migration tool, which supports over 40 mail formats including Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, and IMAP. It retains more information during conversion than any of its competitors.

ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook 2.0.0 - A large set of useful tools for MS Outlook 
A large set of useful and easy-to-use tools for every Microsoft Outlook user: Import, export and convert using EML,MSG and PST formats; remove duplicate items, process attachments and extract addresses; get reports and statistics and even more...

emlOpenView Pro 3.8.8 - .msg .eml pst email search view print convert 
.msg .eml .pst email viewer. Windows Explorer Right Click Menu and Double Click email opener. Can even be used from command line. Extract and Save attachments. Search, Convert or Print email files. To Image PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, WMF, TIFF, EMF, EXIF

MessageLock for Outlook 2010-32bit/2007/2003/XP/2000 1.12.1781 - Send secure email, encrypt file attachments. 
MessageLock integrates email encryption and a zip file compression into Microsoft Outlook. Compatible with other zip utilities. No special reader required by receiver. Dowload a trial today.

Mail Merge Toolkit 2.5.7 - Improve mail merging in Microsoft Office 
Mail Merge Toolkit is a powerful add-in for Microsoft Office that extends mail merging capabilities in Word and Publisher. Allows you to insert data fields into subject fields, add attachments, send emails in GIF, HTML, RTF and text formats.

Auto-Mate Pro 5.0 - Outlook Rule Add-in 
Auto-Mate is an add-in for Outlook that allows you to automatically move or delete mail from your Inbox (or other folders) based on custom rules you define. It has many other powerful actions.

IMI Attendees Print for Office Outlook 3.5.17 - Print the names of the invited to a meeting 
IMI Attendees Print is small utility specially designed for Microsoft Outlook users to print the names of the people who have been invited to a meeting and response status - Accepted, Declined, Tentative, None.

SaveMail Pro 1.00.0045 - Save your email/attachments how YOU want to. 
Save your email & attachments. SaveMail puts YOU in control over YOUR email. With SaveMail, you choose what you want to save, where you want to save it and how you want to save it.

SPAMfighter Pro 7.3.53 - Spam / phishing filter Outlook/Thunderbird 
Spam/phishing filter for Outlook, Live Mail and Thunderbird. Join over 7,6 million SPAMfighters with a clean inbox. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Czech, Th

SPAMfighter Standard 7.3.53 - Spam/phishing filter Outlook/Thunderbird/Live 
Spam/phishing filter for Outlook, Live Mail and Thunderbird. Join 7,6 million SPAMfighters with a clean inbox. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Czech, Thai.

BackRex Outlook Express Backup 2.8.153 - Windows Mail, Outlook Express and IE backup 
Backs up Windows Mail and Outlook Express mail and news folders, address book, message rules, blocked senders list, signatures, custom preferences. Save all Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox custom settings, including favorites and history.

Emailchemy 11-Win - Convert, migrate, manage and archive email 
Emailchemy reads email from native proprietary formats of the most popular (and many of yesterday's forgotten) email applications and converts it to standard, portable formats any application can use. Includes utilities for managing email files.

BackRex Outlook Backup 2.8.153 - MS Outlook & Internet Explorer backup tool 
Backup Outlook mail folders, contacts, tasks, calendar, notes, message rules, signatures, stationery, custom preferences. Also saves all Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox custom settings, including favorites and history.

MessageExport for Outlook - Convert Outlook email to other formats. 
MessageExport is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that is designed for anyone who needs to quickly and easily export email messages from Microsoft Outlook to different formats, including: .msg, .eml, .mht, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, .gif, .tif.

BackRex Office Backup 2.8.153 - Backup, transfer, migrate MS Office settings. 
Backs up MS Office settings such as custom toolbars, dictionaries, etc., Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express mail folders, personal address books, filters, and user settings. Internet Explorer custom settings and favorites are also backed up.

BackRex Expert Backup 2.8.153 - Backup or transfer Windows & Office settings! 
Backup Windows, Outlook, Office, Windows Mail, Internet Explorer, Firefox custom settings, such as desktop layout, favorites, mail and news folders, contacts, tasks, address books, notes, recent documents, start menu items and much more.

Outlook Duplicates Cleaner 1.4.1 - Delete Outlook Duplicate Information 
Outlook Duplicates Cleaner lets you delete Outlook duplicate information quickly and smartly.

MAPILab NNTP for Outlook 1.50 - Newsgroup support for Microsoft Outlook 
MAPILab NNTP is MAPI transport, allows you to read and post to newsgroups in Microsoft Outlook. This means that a news server account works the same as Exchange Server or a POP3 account, support remote headers, all managed in the Send/Receive menu.

Outlook Backup 2011 - Backup your Microsoft Outlook profile 
Backup your Microsoft Outlook profile and restore it quickly when needed.

DesktopMirror for Outlook Palm Desktop 3.6.1 - Synchronizes Palm Desktop and outlook 
DesktopMirror for Outlook and Palm Desktop lets you synchronize information between Palm Desktop and Outlook. Then it is quite easy to keep your information up to date on your Palm, Palm Desktop and Microsot Outlook.

OLMixedFolders 1.46 - Outlook public folders on your mobile phone. 
Your sync-software can sync only default Outlook folders? OLMixedFolders can synchronize any Microsoft Outlook subfolder or Exchange public folders with the Outlook default folder. It uses categories to keep in touch with the origin folder.

Addin Express Regions for Outlook 1.0 - Advanced regions for Outlook 2003 - 2010 
An extension of Visual Studio Tools for Office 2008 and 2010 that enables you to customize Outlook views and Outlook forms with any .NET controls. It allows adding advanced regions to any VSTO project, a new or existing one, in Outlook 2010 - 2003.

HTML Email Archiver for Outlook 2.0 - Export e-mails into HTML/CHM archive. 
Archiving messages, contacts, tasks and other items of Microsoft Outlook into HTML or CHM format, publishing Microsoft Outlook folders on the Internet, moving data from Outlook to other software and hardware platforms, including mobile devices.

Outlook Express Privacy 2.37 - Control access to Outlook Express email base 
Outlook Express Privacy lets you control access to Outlook Express and its email message database. When you enable protection, the program disables access to the message database and address book files.

MVCOM COM email type library - COM type library to access email content 
MVCOM is a COM component for developers who need to integrate .msg, .eml and .pst file support and search into their applications. Download a free trial!

SpamBully Outlook, Outlook Express Vista 5.95 - Punish/Bounce/Report - Get back at spammers. 
Punish/Bounce/Report/Challenge - Get back at spammers by increasing their costs, returning their spam, and reporting them to the servers they came from and the FTC. Email a special password to an unfamiliar sender.

Convert Notes auf Outlook Free 8.2 - Convert Notes auf Outlook-Tool Free 
ConveBefore investieren vollstandige Ausgabe konnen Sie Notes auf Outlook Kostenlos mit DEMO-Version von Export Notes Software konvertieren. NSF zum PST freies Werkzeug konvertiert funfzehn Komponenten Louts Notes Daten in Outlook.

Convert Notes auf Outlook Free 8.2 - Convert Notes auf Outlook-Tool Free 
ConveBefore investieren vollstandige Ausgabe konnen Sie Notes auf Outlook Kostenlos mit DEMO-Version von Export Notes Software konvertieren. NSF zum PST freies Werkzeug konvertiert funfzehn Komponenten Louts Notes Daten in Outlook.

LastBit Outlook Password Recovery 12.0.9123 - Outlook Password: password recovery tool. 
Password recovery tool for MS Outlook (*.pst and .ost files). The program is easy-to-use, no professional expertise required. Any password can be decrypted instantly. All Outlook versions and password types are supported.

NameDays 4 - Get Name Days In Your Calendar 
Adds the name days of many countries to your Calendar. Simply select the country for which you want to add the name days and import or subscribe to the file. Demos online show you how to do it.

Asterisk Password Decryptor 2.92 - Shows the password hidden under asterisks. 
Asterisk Password Decryptor is password recovery tool that allows you to view passwords hidden behind the asterisks (*****) in password fields. It uncovers hidden passwords from password dialog boxes and Windows Internet Explorer web pages.

Clyton 6.0 - An email client with built-in spam filter. 
Clyton is an email client with advanced security and spam filtering features. Although priced for the general public, Clyton possesses the reliability and security required by businesses.

You've Got Mail 1.6.0 - Animation and Sound when e-mail arrives 
Shows Animation and Plays Sound when e-mail arrives.Tells you when it is time to start your e-mail client. Check as many e-mail accounts as you like. Works with Hotmail, Live, Gmail, Yahoo and many more.

Genius Connect - Tasks - Connect Outlook Tasks to any SQL Database. 
Connect Outlook or Exchange Tasks to any SQL Database with an ODBC driver.

EnableDisable for Office 2.0.7 - Add-ins Startup Manager for Microsoft Office 
Experiencing slow Outlook (or other Office application)? Would you like to speed it up? That is where EnableDisable helps you - enable or disable add-ins for Office with just one mouse click.

Altsync for Outlook 1.0.7 - Synchronize, Share Microsoft Outlook Folders 
Use Altsync for Outlook to synchronize, share Outlook folders on multiple PCs in an easy way. No server is required. Synchronize, share all types of folders (calendars, contacts, emails, journals, notes and tasks).

Calendar ImportExport for Outlook 2.0.7 - Import or export iCal/vCal files to Outlook 
Use Calendar ImportExport to import multiple iCal/vCal files (.ics, .vcs) to Outlook calendar (appointments), or export Outlook calendar (appointments) to iCal/vCal files at once. Split, combine iCal/vCal files even without Outlook installed.

Genius Connect - Journal - Connect Outlook Journal to any SQL Database. 
Connect Outlook or Exchange Journal to any SQL Database. GeniusConnect can be used with any relational database that supports ODBC (MS Access, mySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.) and with any database structure.

MSG Viewer Pro - EML and MSG Viewer - MSGViewer Pro opens .msg .eml files 
Encryptomatic's MSGViewer Pro provides quick access to Microsoft Outlook .msg and .eml email files. Search, view and print email messages without Outlook. Also will extract file attachments from the .msg message file. Very easy to use.

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