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eBooks Writer Gold exe epub mobi 2011.22.11 - Comprehensive all-in-one ebook(s) software 
Ebook software, professional all-in-one easy to use. Create edit protect (passwords, forbid print and copy, expiry..) pack a exe or mobi epub idpf opf e-book for Kindle iPad Nook iPhone Sony iPod Nokia Blackberry Android Smartphones PC Mac. Powerful

Logbook Pro 1.11.7 - Pilot Logbook Software 
Pilot logbook software for Windows including PDA companions for Palm, Pocket PC, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

PD Duplicates Cleaner 2.3.1 - Delete duplicate Palm Desktop data 
PD Duplicates Cleaner is a full Windows desktop application that can be used to find and delete duplicate Palm Desktop data.

Softick Commander 1.03 - Palm OS File Manager with Bluetooth support 
File manager for Palm OS, which supports file transfer over Bluetooth link, extending capabilities of Palm OS handheld. Now you can easily browse any trusted Bluetooth-enabled device for the files and folders, move, copy and delete them wirelessly

Benchmark 3.0 - How fast is your Palm? Benchmark 3.0 knows. 
Is your new Palm handheld faster than the last one? Quartus Benchmark 3.0 will tell you just how much faster.

LearnWords Palm 1.7.4 - training program for learning foreign words 
LearnWords - highly effective training program for learning foreign words and various facts (Windows, PocketPC, PalmOS editions) 6 exercises, 20 languages, transcriptions and pronunciation, editor, virtual keyboard, study of phrases and grammar!

Softick PPP 3.03 - Softick PPP connects Palm to Internet and LAN 
Softick PPP allows your handheld to access LAN and WAN. Desktop PC is used as a gateway. Connection can be established over USB, Serial, IRDA or Bluetooth links

Cresotech Convert-It for Palm 2.0 - Palm based measuring unit convertor 
Cresotech CONVERT-IT for Palm is a convenient Palm based tool to convert different measuring system units into each other, and much more!

iCalMaker 1.9.1 - Edit and create iCal files 
iCalMaker is a text based appointment creation tool for use with iCal or to create appointment files.

SwitchSync 5.0 - Synchronize with Palm Desktop and Outlook 
Synchornize Palm devices with both Palm Desktop and Outlook. If you have Palm Desktop and PocketMirror installed. SwitchSync can help you to synchronize your Palm OS devices with both Palm Desktop and Outlook.

ScrapBook 1.16 - Memopad with folders, searching, encryption 
ScrapBook is a Palm OS note-taking application, featuring organization of notes into nested folders as well as categories, searching for multiple strings at once, encryption, and easy interchange of notes with the standard Memo Pad application.

CASL 4.3 - Develop applications for Palm and PocketPC 
CASL is a rapid application development environment which allows you to create applications for Palm, PocketPC and Windows. The language syntax is easy to learn, powerful enough for creating commercial applications. CASL is a Free download.

Conduit Buddy 4.0 - Powerful Palm Conduits Install and Uninstall. 
Conduit Buddy is provided to install / uninstall Palm conduits smartly. All Palm conduits are listed in the program, you may uninstall the garbage conduits with only a click! You may also install new conduits by files.

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