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AppPaths 2000 2.9 - Modify MS Windows Startup settings 
AppPaths is a small Control Panel extension that will allow you to edit various startup settings defined in the MS Windows System Registry. AppPaths includes facilities to modify the startup (Run) settings found in the MS Windows System Registry.

My Frame Panel ActiveX 2.01 - Frame control extended. 
This frame let you create appealing visual styles to your applications in all Windows versions. All new default styles (XP, XP dark, Vista, Office 2003 and Media Player 10) and themes are supported (blue, olive, silver,...). Source Code available...

Able Launch Bar 3.8.3 - Able Launch Bar is Quick Launch replacement 
Able Launch Bar is a window similar to the Quick Launch bar. This is Application Desktop Toolbar with built-in Windows Explorer. Able Launch Bar offers a system of shortcuts far more superior than Quick Launch.

Aston2 Panels 1.3 - Taskbar replacement with additional panels 
Aston2 Panels are an integral part of Aston2 Suite. It can replace regular taskbar, add other pannels, be customized and filled with different widgets. Aston2 Panels are skinnable, very convenient, support animation and have flexible configuration.

Build A solar Panel 2.0 - Build A Solar Panel 
Build A solar Panel - If you are not connected to the grid then you will want to have a battery bank of some considerable size. The battery bank will ensure you have the most effective system as it will store the unused power.

.NET My Frame Panel 2.13 - Add modern visual panel to your .NET app. 
My Frame Panel component for .NET is the panel you need to improve your visual interface for your applications. It lets you create modern visual styles to your programs under all Windows versions. All new styles like Vista, Aqua, XP, Office 2003,...

PaneCutter 1.5 - 2D cutting plan design and optimization 
2D cutting plan design and cutting optimization for automatic cutting plan design for manufacturers of furniture and other products made from sheet materials (wood, metal, glass, etc ..), whose product range is wide or permanently changing.

PatchVerx - Create jack-field layouts and designations 
Create jack-field layouts and designation strips. Choose from a large selection of pre-existing templates, or create your own templates using the wizard. Export to dwg, or print directly at the proper scaling. Works stand-alone or plugin to WireCAD.

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