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Perfect Phone Icons 2011.5 - A collection of royalty-free phone icons 
Enhance communication applications with ready-made, royalty-free phone icons. Designed by professional artists, Perfect Phone Icons are both stylish and easily recognizable. There are 61 icons in the set, all sharing common style, colors and gamma.

Perfect Mobile Icons 2011.1 - Icons for PDA and mobile software developers 
Enhance the appearance of mobile software by using a set of matching icons. Dial and Hang-up, Ring Tone, Bluetooth and 3G, GPRS, various Battery states, SMS, Email, and many more handy icons common for PDA devices are crafted in a matching style.

PDA Mobile Investigation Software - PDA investigation tool extract phone details 
PDA forensic utility automatically scans each part of pocket pc cell phone like SIM, memory, battery, hardware and software. Pocket pc forensic detector save all gathered information in readable text file that can be use for forensic purposes.

Pocket PC CAD Viewer 1.52 - Viewer of AutoCAD DWG and DXF files for PPC. 
Pocket PC CAD Viewer is the high quality viewer of AutoCAD DWG and DXF files for Pocket PC devices. Pocket PC CAD Viewer allows: Viewing of AutoCAD

PDA Forensic Program - Windows Pocket PC forensic examiner software 
PDA surveillance examiner utility displays information like OS registry, version, type, database records, text SMS status, IMEI number, SIM IMSI number and all other data which is saved on your windows based mobile phone like Palm top, smart phone.

Softick PPP 3.03 - Softick PPP connects Palm to Internet and LAN 
Softick PPP allows your handheld to access LAN and WAN. Desktop PC is used as a gateway. Connection can be established over USB, Serial, IRDA or Bluetooth links

Cresotech Convert-It for Palm 2.0 - Palm based measuring unit convertor 
Cresotech CONVERT-IT for Palm is a convenient Palm based tool to convert different measuring system units into each other, and much more!

Cresotech Convert-It 3.00 - Pocket PC based measuring unit convertor 
Cresotech CONVERT-IT is a convenient Pocket PC based tool to convert different measuring system units into each other, and much more!

Windows Mobile Forensic Utility - Windows Pocket PC mobile analyzer application 
Windows mobile forensic software provide entire hardware / software information that includes manufactures name, product version, registry records, database details, processor type etc of all branded Pocket PC, Handheld PC, Smart phone and many more.

CASL 4.3 - Develop applications for Palm and PocketPC 
CASL is a rapid application development environment which allows you to create applications for Palm, PocketPC and Windows. The language syntax is easy to learn, powerful enough for creating commercial applications. CASL is a Free download.

PDA Investigation software - PDA surveillance tool investigate pocket PC 
PDA investigation application extracts detail like SMS, registry records, contact numbers, model number, OS architecture, IMEI number and other relevant details. Smart phone forensic program supports PDA, Windows mobile, palmtop, handheld device.

Pocket PC Forensic - PDA forensic tool fetch windows mobile detail 
Windows mobile surveillance application provides easy way to extract complete data file from Smartphone without losing original data. PDA analyzer displays hardware details including OS registry information, model, manufacture name, IMEI, IMSI number

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