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Android PC to SMS - Android SMS software for promotional campaign 
Company announced innovative bulk sms software especially for Android mobile phone users to compose and forward English or Non English characters messages, job alerts, interview schedules, special offers etc globally without internet connection.

WinSent Messenger 2.2.14 - Instant LAN messenger 
A simple, handy and easy-to-use instant messaging program for local area networks. The program supports contact list, message archive, LAN browser. Compatible with WinPopup, Windows Messenger Service and net send.

Local SMTP Relay Server 5.23 - Send emails directly from PC to recipient 
SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your computer. Along with a mass mailer the program can be used as a relay server for sending newsletters, distributing messages to different mailing lists

SMTP Relay Server 5.24 - Relay email messages using SMTP server on PC 
SMTP server for Windows to relay email messages directly from any computer to recipient mailboxes. Any email client can be used to work along with SMTP Relay Server for sending email messages - regular emails and mass emails.

Android SMS Messenger - Android SMS messenger sends text notification 
Powerful and efficient android SMS messenger software allows user to transmit large quantity of professional business or personal greeting text messages to recipients having any network connection worldwide without requiring internet connection.

BlackBerry Mobile Marketing - Software globally delivers bulk SMS, messages 
Text messaging utility is capable to send group SMS, news, notifications etc to all GSM and CDMA based mobile phone users. BlackBerry mobile marketing software delivers text messages, event reminders, meeting schedules etc with date and time details.

Send To Phone 2.1 - Send files to your mobile phone with ease! 
Send polyphonic ringtones, images, and other files to your mobile phone without any cables and adapters! With "Send to Phone", you can transfer files with a few mouse clicks.

Fomine NetSend 1.4 - NetSend with visual user interface. 
Fomine NetSend is a package that contains two utility tools for sending messages via SMB protocol. This first tool NetSend.exe is a console application. The second utility tool NetSendGUI.exe has a simple and user-friendly visual interface.

EZMailSend 1.2.0 - EZMailSend easily sends SMTP email via CLI 
EZMailSend is a simple to use command line console application for Windows that allows you to easily send email via your SMTP server. You can integrate EZMailSend with batch files, scheduled tasks and many other uses. Send text, HTML, files and more!

pcRecall 3.61 - Windows automation, key stuffing, screen grab 
Take a snapshot of the programs which you have open, and store them as a bookmark for accessing later, automatically launch at system startup or at scheduled date and time, send keystrokes to applications being run, more...

SendToPager Gold 2.0.2 - Deliver Corporate Messages to Pagers&Mobiles 
Send messages from corporate network computers to pagers and mobile phones. Flexible Messaging Server and thin Messaging Client, cooperating in the Windows Network environment, will make you business communication easy and effective

BatMonkey SendTo Module 1.05 - Open a DOS prompt in the current folder 
Free useful time saving utility. Open a DOS prompt in the current folder. Send a file or folder to DOS. Set an environment variable to hold the file or folder name. Useful for those who use DOS from time to time.

SendToPager FREE 1.1 - Send Messages to Pagers and Mobiles 
Send numeric and alpha-numeric messages from your PC to pagers and cell phones from the handy Windows application. Three contacts are stored in the Personal Address Book and reused for your messages. Recommended for Home and single-PC users.

Fax Modem ActiveX 1.0.1 - Send and receive faxes from your program. 
ActiveX (OCX) component control for software developers that can send and receive fax calls using 56K modem (data/voice).

psSendMail 1.1 - Easily send e-mail directly from your apps 
Easily send e-mail directly from your custom applications. Works with all 32-bit Windows development environments and includes Paradox, Access, and Visual Basic examples.

SendToPager Personal 1.3 - Send Messages to Pagers and Mobiles 
Send numeric and alpha-numeric messages from your PC to pagers and cell phones from the handy Windows application. Your contacts are stored in the Personal Address Book and reused for your messages. Recommended for Home and single-PC users.

Mailing List Deluxe 6.80 - Send personalized emails to a whole list 
Mailing List Deluxe is designed to create and support mailing lists for your clients and subscribers. All you have to do is draft one message and it will be sent to an entire list of mail recipients.

NetMailBot 5.0.2 - DOS Command Line Email to send and receive 
DOS Command Line Email client for sending and receiving email. Features: HTML or plain message formatting, mail merge, ZIP compression, message forwarding and auto-reply, import data from any ODBC data source, and more.

SendToPager Professional 2.0.2 - Send Automated Messages to Pagers and Mobiles 
Send automated messages from PC to pagers and mobiles. GUI and Cmd Line Utility makes SendToPager be easily intergrated into any system environment. Recommended for IT Professionals requiring to add messaging into small and enterprise applications

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