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Astrum InstallWizard 2.29.00 - Versatile installation creation tool 
Astrum InstallWizard is a versatile utility for creating installation programs. AIW has a host of advanced features normally found only in the most expensive tools. Although AIW is feature packed, the user interface is still intuitive and easy to use

Centurion Setup 22.0 - Builds a professional software installer. 
Centurion Setup builds a professional software installer for Windows in a self-contained, compressed executable. Supports multiple languages, interface customization, DLL installation, patching, password protection, and more.

FileStream InstallConstruct 8.0.004081027 - InstallConstruct, a Windows installer program 
InstallConstruct is a Windows installer program that makes creating Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Servers, Vista, and Windows 7 Installer, self-extracting Packages, Setup Wizards, and Uninstallers easy. It doesn't require any programming background.

Setup Builder 6.05.000 - Application Installer Setup Tool 
Setup Builder is a powerful, reliable, easy to use and affordable solution for creating professional looking application installation procedures.

InstallSimple 2.00 - Program to build your installs in seconds! 
Install Simple is a very compact and powerful utility to build installation packages in seconds, instead of hours! Designed for anyone who distributes applications, data files, graphic images or whatever else you want to distribute!

Instyler Setup 1.7 - Create MSI files, based on WiX technology. 
Instyler Setup is an application to create Windows Installer packages (MSI files). The application targets everyone who needs a solid Windows Installer based installation for their product or any kind of deployment project.

CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig 2.1.0 - Automatic configuration of POP3/SMTP accounts 
CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig is a time-saving free tool for automatic configuration of POP3/SMTP mail accounts in popular mail clients just by providing the email address. It works with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express.

Excelsior Delivery 1.8 - Create installers for Windows applications 
Excelsior Delivery makes creation of professional installers for Windows applications a no brainer task. Produces self-installing .EXE's which are best for the Internet, supports multiple installation languages. Free for non-commercial use.

MSI to EXE Setup Creator - MSI installation package to EXE creator tool 
MSI installation package to EXE installer files generator software builds .exe (executable) format using .MSI setup package. Converter tool converts Microsoft installer files (MSI) into executable (EXE) file without changing originality of your .MSI.

GlassWorks 1.2 - GlassWorks Install Creator 
GlassWorks is a powerful install builder tool that provides a user friendly system for deploying applications on multiple platforms. Integration is supported on Windows, Macintosh OSX and Linux systems.

Setup Builder Software - Setup package maker generate executable file 
Setup installer builder software quickly and easily produce single self extracting exe (executable) file format and allow user to add all basic features such as shortcut path, icon, registry value, license agreement, product name, version, title etc.

Setup Package Installer - Setup creator generates executable .exe file 
Setup package installer application generates single self extracting setup file for computer software with install and uninstall features. Setup creator provides professional look to setup file which is developed or coded in any programming language.

Excelsior Installer 1.8 - Free installation software for Windows apps 
Excelsior Installer is a free installation software for Windows applications. Creates compact and good looking setup packages as single self-installing EXE with almost no efforts.

Windows Setup Installer Maker - Download Windows setup installer maker tool 
Setup builder software creates self extracting executable file generated from program files and data stored in the system. Installer creator tool provides both install and uninstall support to user and maintains the originality of the software.

MSI to EXE Conversion Software - Convert MSI file into executable setup wizard 
MSI setup to Exe package maker tool simply convert selected Microsoft .msi file into executable .exe wizard and also maintain the integrity of existing file. MSI to EXE maker is completely Vista compatible and provides Interactive GUI interface.

Setup Maker - Windows executable setup files maker software 
Professional executable installation package maker software produce setup file from existing exe installer file with user specified company name, product name, version, distribution agreement, registry path, destination path etc as per user required.

Quick PocketSetup 1.0.2009.5 - Setup Creator for Pocket PC 
Creates professional Setups for Pocket PC: multilingual installations, shortcuts, file associations, standard licence texts, detailled documentation for each project, secure test mode, clean CAB-files; Pro-Version with redistributables eg. NET CF

MSI To EXE Installation Package Creator - Application generate exe file from msi format 
Professional msi installer to exe installation package converter utility is specifically designed to convert MSI setup files to EXE format in just a single mouse click. Software ensures consistency of converted files by maintaining its originality.

Mihov NSIS Helper 3.3 - Creating script files for Nullsoft NSIS 
Mihov NSIS Helper is a program for graphical creating of script files for Nullsoft Install System. It helps with a simple GUI and can create very simple setup files. It is intended for beginners!

CreateInstall Free 4.14.5 - A simple and clear freeware installer. 
CreateInstall Free is a freeware installer for producing good looking setups. Building installation projects are surprisingly easy with its simple user interface. The resulting setup files can be compact and easy for the end user to install.

Exe to Msi Converter free 1.0 - Tool to quickly convert exe to msi package 
A free utility to convert Setup Executables (.exe) to Windows Installer Packages (.msi). MSI package can be used to deploy software via GPO.

Setup Installer Creator - Software builds EXE installation setup wizard 
Windows setup installer creator provides proficient way for generating exe (executable) self extracting archive that can easily install/uninstall on any computer or laptop system. Tool generates both 32 Bit and 64 Bit system based installer wizard.

MSI Setup To EXE Converter - Create exe setup using msi format installer 
MSI setup to exe converter software converts Microsoft installer files (.msi) into .exe files without changing the accuracy of selected product’s msi file. MSI setup to exe package maker saves created exe setup file in a safe location of hard drive.

Install Wizard Creator Software - Windows Vista Setup installation creator tool 
Windows Setup builder software creates self extract setup executable file to distribute Windows application software. Setup installation utility eliminates temporary installation application files and folders and maintains system efficiency.

Software Installation Setup Package - Windows setup installer exe builder program 
Professional setup creator is comprehensive exe installation maker for authoring and configuring custom made setup files to setup installer, creator generates installation package for windows applications with complete setup program into .exe format.

MSI to EXE Package Setup Creator - MSI to EXE setup package generator software 
MSI package to exe setup maker application generate executable (.exe) setup file from .NET framework Microsoft installer (.msi) package in few mouse click without affecting the original structure, attributes, functionality of windows based MSI file.

ValidInstaller 1.0.2009.1 - Setup Creator for Windows Software 
Creates professional Setups for Windows software: multilingual installations, shortcuts, file associations, standard licence texts, detailled documentation for each project, secure test mode

Quick PocketSetup Professional 1.0.2009.5 - Setup Creator for Pocket PC 
Creates professional Setups for Pocket PC: multilingual installations, shortcuts, file associations, standard licence texts, detailled documentation for each project, secure test mode, clean CAB-files; Pro-Version with redistributables eg. NET CF

MSI Conversion Freeware - MSI conversion freeware create EXE using MSI 
MSI conversion freeware program can easily and safely create exe setup package using .NET framework installer files. Create exe using msi setup package software has capability to keep originality and functionality of converted setup file.

MSI Setup to EXE Builder - .Net framework MSI to EXE setup builder tool 
Professional MSI to EXE convertor utility provides an easy and effective way to create executable (.exe) setup file from Microsoft installer (.msi) package without affecting the original structure, attributes, functionality of windows based MSI file.

Application Setup Creator Software - Setup creator tool generates .exe setup files 
Setup install builder is cost-effective, easy & simple setup creator software which quickly generates single self extracting executable setup file within few minutes. Program maintains the functionality of the software while making software setup.

Z-Up Maker 5.3 - developing complex setup packages 
Create setup packages in various languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Brasil) and allow your users to properly remove your application and all its components through an integrated uninstall function.

EasySetup 3.13 - It makes easily small yet powerful installers 
Can package and install not only programs but all kind of files. Includes install and uninstall support for Windows 9.x/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. Compress all files in a single executable. Setup overhead is less than 100 KB

MSI to EXE Maker Software - MSI to EXE installation package changer tool 
MSI installer to EXE setup converter utility transforms windows installer MSI file into executable EXE format. MSI setup to EXE builder application changes setup file format without affecting the original structure of the existing file.

Setup Install Creator - Setup maker wizard creates exe installer file 
Executable installer creator utility develops self extracting .exe installation package from developed program file with general details, registry entries etc. Setup install builder tool ensures integrity of your application while creating exe file.

Setup Installation Builder - Setup creator utility create compact exe file 
Setup maker program generate exe file of your application with complete install and uninstall facility. Setup installation builder utility saves all information into ddl file format and also develops both 32 bit and 64 bit system based installer.

Agentix Installer 1.9.15 - Create single-exe setups. Small size overhead 
Create Windows compatible software installers. Compress your application into single exe-file setups. Approaches the gold standarts and has advanced set of features. Multilanguage and .NET support. Has very small size of an extractor module (48Kb). Agent 7.0 - to solve malfunctions of device drivers Agent is designed to solve malfunctions of device drivers for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. It can complete driver backup, hardware detection, device failure analysis, driver searching, driver download, driver install/Upgrade

Setup Compiler Software - Setup creator generate installation package 
Setup compiler utility is an easy, safe and reliable application which quickly creates portable executable exe files for your windows application programs. Setup making tool has Graphical User Interface which requires no technical skills to operate.

Setup Installation Package Creator - Windows exe setup installer builder software 
Executable installation wizard maker software generate installer package for all windows configuration and generate setup in .EXE file format with predefine company name, product name, version, EULA, icon, screenshot and other details with text file.

ClickInstall MacOSX 2.0.1 - Mac Software Install Builder 
ClickInstall makes it easy to create compressed, password-protected, self-extracting installers for Mac software. An installer can be double-clicked on a CD to begin installation without confusing disk images created on the computer.

Windows Installation Package Creator - Windows setup installer file builder software 
Windows exe setup builder software provide advance and effective solution for creating single executable (.exe) installer file with user defined general details including product icon, screenshot and copyright agreement for any system configuration.

Setup Creator Software - Download Windows installer builder Software 
Setup installation creator tool makes executable files with several options for deciding wizard layout such as Product name, Company name, Copyright text, Folder path for setup installation, Product version and location in Menu group.

Setup Install Maker - Download Windows installation creator utility 
Setup creator software instantly generates single self extracting executable setup file. Setup builder utility displays entire details of software program including general information, destination path, dialogs, file additions, registry details.

MSI Installer to EXE Creator - Download MSI to EXE setup creator program 
MSI to EXE converter tool creates .exe setup file from existing Microsoft visual studio .net framework windows installer .msi files by a single mouse click without any changes in original functionality and structure in conversion process.

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