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smart card

Aloaha Smart Login 5.0.72 - Aloaha Credential Provider 
Smartcard Logon to Windows Machines - without the requirement of a domain controller! Smartcard based disk encryption included!

Aloaha Smart Card Connector 5.0.72 - Aloaha Smart Card Connector, CSP and PKCS11 
The Smart Card Connector, including a Microsoft approved CSP and a PKCS #11, provides native, plug & play security enhancement to Microsoft Windows operating systems and Applications using various Smart Cards. Smartcard based hard disk encryption inc

Aloaha Crypt Disk 5.0.72 - Smart Card based disk encryption software 
Smart Card based disk encryption software

Windows Smart Card 1.00 - Windows Applications Launcher Smart Card 
The Windows Smart Card from Zash Electronics is a smart utility that lets you handle your Windows applications by sorting them into classified categories as CARDS. You can run any of your applications from within the layers of the Windows Smart Card

Smart Card ToolSet PRO 3.4.2 - Discover any ISO-7816 smart card easy! 
Research your GSM SIM card, EMV payment card, security card or any other smart card! The program supports COM+, ActiveX and Plug-Ins interfaces and any of your own applications can work with a smart cards via Smart Card ToolSet PRO.

SCardX Easy smart card ActiveX control 1.5.12 - Add smart cards to your applications easily! 
Add smart cards to your web site or to your application easily!

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