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Disable USB Over Network - Secure way to monitor USB activity on windows 
Reliable USB surveillance application is capable to maintain record of unauthorized data accessibility with the use of all type of USB mass storage media without any network connection and saves all tracked details in HTML log file for further usage.

Block USB Access - Software to prevent USB drive data leakage 
Block USB access software provides facility to maintain log file report in html format for providing you USB device information including IP address, name, hardware ID, device capacity and USB drive name along with time and date details.

USB Drive Disabling Software - LAN USB drive data activity tracker software 
USB drive activity monitoring software tracks illegal device activities, prevent data leakage captures unauthorized data transfer. USB surveillance tool alerts user by sound beep when drive insert or removes from PCs on the local area network.

Pen Drive Blocking Software - USB drive monitoring tool controls data theft 
Real time USB activity control tool provides hidden monitoring of removable drive activity on client network or server. LAN based USB storage drive surveillance software display entire information regarding USB device name, hardware ID and capacity.

Crime Catcher 3.0 - Use webcam to catch crime (motion detection) 
Crime Catcher is software for your webcam that allows your computer to act as a security system. The software will monitor for motion and if detected actions can take place, e.g: save images, play sounds, email notification, and launch programs.

USB Drive Disabler Tool - USB drive disabler tool control data leakage 
USB drive activity monitoring software is advance tool can analyze plug in and plug out of different USB digital media or external storage media on computer system. Application prevents transfer of your important official data to any USB drive.

Lock USB - Network USB data theft protection software 
Windows network anti theft USB data monitoring utility protect the confidential data from unauthorized access on client machines connected in local area network. USB data protection software performs real time and off line monitoring of all systems.

Advatrack 6.03 - Lost stolen computer tracing software 
Lost stolen computer tracing software

Identity Knight 1.4 - Prevent identity theft 
Holes in Internet Explorer software allow 3rd party programs to access your private data. Your credit card numbers, SSN, driver license and e-mails can be stolen easily! Download Identity Knight, the unique credentials protection software, today!

Mobileshield 1.0 - MobileShield v1.0(S60 3rd Edition) 
This mobile software is to notify the predefined mobile numbers whenever the Sim Card is changed, if authentication fails it sends out an SMS to predefined numbers without manual

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