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STGThumb 3.20 - Batch image resizer with HTML generation 
Allows you to quickly make high-quality thumbnails.You can convert from several formats to JPG. On AVIs and MPEGs you get a thumbnail of the first frame. Option to auto-rotate images. HTML album and Slide Show generation.

3D Photo Browser Light 11.03 - Image/3D/audio file organizer/viewer/editor 
Image/3D/audio files organizer/viewer/editor (+80 formats supported). It includes multi-folders thumbnails viewer, an image editor and a 3D viewer which supports popular file formats (max, maya, collada, obj, 3ds, lwo...)

AutoSiteGallery 2.01 - Web-based photo albums creator. 
AutoSiteGallery is a time-saving software to create web-based photo albums. AutoSiteGallery can automatically create high-quality thumbnails, decrease images and convert them to JPEG, generate the linked HTML pages for thumbnails, etc.

3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera 11.03 - Image/video file organizer/viewer/editor 
Image/video files organizer/viewer/editor (+80 formats supported) including a thumbnails viewer, image editor, batch processing, files conversion, screen capture, html exportation, contact sheet printing, files documentation, advanced search...

3D Photo Browser for 3D Users 11.02 - 3D/image/video file organizer/viewer/editor 
3D/image/video files organizer/viewer/editor (+80 formats supported). It includes thumbnails viewer, image editor, OpenGL 3D viewer, batch processing, file format conversion, screen capture, contact sheet, keywords ed., adv. search...

Webpage Thumbnail Creator 2/0 - Capture websites screenshot from any URL. 
Webpage Thumbnail Creator is a software that helps you: • Convert your local HTML, MHTML or TEXT files to images. • Capture websites screenshot from any URL. • Generate thumbnails of web pages. • Get website list from a remote server

ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.2.2340 - Fastest Thumbnails Viewer. AI,CDR,FH,CPT etc. 
Fastest Thumbnails Viewer for AI, AIT, CDR, CMX, CCX, CPT, CLK, DES,EPS,FH7+, CMV,MDI,INDD,FS,JP2,JPG,PSD,XAR,ART,WEB,BMP, HTML,URL, PS,PDF,TIF,TGA etc. Animation and multi-page support. Shows version, type, keywords, notes, size and other file info.

Actual Web Album 1.6 - Create a professional html gallery 
Actual Web Album allows you to create a professional gallery without writing a single line of code. Actual Web Album automatically generates high quality thumbnail images, modifies images and generates HTML pages.

PDF Thumbnail Generator 1.12 - Create thumbnail for PDF files. 
Create thumbnail for your existing PDF files. When thumbnails are created and embedded into your PDF files, you will see the thumbnails displayed on the left column of your PDF Reader or Viewer (usually Adobe Reader).

WebSurfing History 2.1 - Visual Web Surfing History Engine. 
WebSurfing History allows you to store a visual web surfing history, independently from the Internet Explorer history data. It stores detailed information about each web site you have visited and automatically captures a screenshot of every web page.

SimpleQC 3.2 - Fast thumbnail viewer for scanned documents 
Use SimpleQC to quickly review scanned multi-page documents in a thumbnail view. 2 thumbnail views let you preview files in one pane and pages within the selected file in the other, and quickly rescan, deskew, despeckle, rotate or delete pages.

Image Assistant 4.0 - Resize, convert, watermark images 
Convert images among formats, and resize, rotate, apply effects and add stamp text on your images.

Neomesh Image Converter 2.5 - Convert Images, effect and animate in batches 
Batch convert between image formats while resizing or applying batch effects. Join images together to create one. Create Gif animations with transparent backgrounds.

One Cat Picture Printer 2.00 - Drop from thumbnails to Print Pictures 
One Cat Picture Printer does one thing and it does it extremely well. It prints pictures. By combining a thumbnail index of images with a simple page layout, you can easily drag and drop pictures onto a page and print them.

Watermark Master SDK 2.2. - A library for creation of video files. 
A library based on the Watermark Master application. It is intended for creation of videos and images with adding watermarks of any kinds, creation of thumbnails, extraction and removal of video scenes. The library supports all basic video formats.

PDF Watermark Creator 1.2 - Add watermark to PDF files. 
Add a watermark (texts such as DRAFT, CONFIDENTIAL, or even your company's name) to PDF files quickly and easily.

Digital Photo Web Slide Show 2002.2 - Create a slide show web page from your images 
Turn your digital photos or images into thumbnail galleries or javascript slide shows. Your friends and family will love viewing your photos on any web browser either locally on your hard drive or on your web site. Part of Digital Photo Slide Show.

imgThumb 1.5.2 - Create thumbnails and HTML for your pictures. 
The imgThumb thumbnail creator program enables you to make a smaller sized thumbnails and HTML for your original pictures. This program is unique in that it is a command line program (a GUI is included), so it is easy to automate.

Zoom Studio - Home Edition 2.30 - Create a zoom photo gallery from web images 
Zoom Studio 2 is an easy to use graphics software optimized for high resolution photos. Create a zoom gallery from web images. Animate still images and export for the web. Convert existing web pages to zoom photo pages. Manage photos and images easy.

PDF To Thumbnail Converter 2.0 - Convert PDF to Thumbnail format 
PDF to Thumbnail Converter Command Line is a program based on Windows platform, which allows the batch converting of large numbers of PDF files at the same time. PDF to Thumbnail Converter can be integrated into your own software applications.

MThumbnail 1.0 - Totally FREE thumbnail generator. 
MThumbnail is a totally FREE application that automatically generates thumbnails from all JPEGs in actual directory and generates also colorized thumbnails great for interactive galleries using a simple Javascript.

Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor 2.0 - Fast image resizing/converting tool. 
Optimizes images and makes copies with different sizes, formats and compression with one click. Auto crop and rescale images to fit specific sizes. Sharpen, trim and colour balance images. Make thumbnails, capture screenshots and generate HTML.

CapTrue Thumbnailer 1.7 - Thumbnailer: a Windows Media Player plugin 
Thumbnailer is a Windows Media Player plugin for creation of thumbnail image files. Load a media file into Windows Media Player, and easily create a thumbnail image of your movie.

Thumbs.db Viewer 2.22 - This program will display Thumbs.db content. 
This program displays Thumbs.db and Thumbcache_*.db (Vista) database records as well as the miniature graphics contained in each (with metadata); collects all the Thumbs.db files in and below the specified folder; searches swap files for JPG files.

SWF.max Flash Tools 1.6.860 - Create Flash file shots. Scripts, XML 
Open SWF files Fullscreen. Save previews of all SWF files you choose. Set image size or quality. Save data (frame size, duration, etc.) to XML. Launch any program after finished. Automate using scripting. Export JPEG and MP3

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