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Keep Track 3.8.6 - Keep Track, music app for individuals and DJs 
Keep Track is a music organising and playing program for individuals and DJs. Create playlists from your music. While playing through a playlist via the Search window, add (e.g. a track request), remove and change the order of tracks.

Budget Tracker 3.1 - Organize your personal finances and budget 
This finance software utility is an easy way to manage and plan a budget. Budget Tracker is a free program that allows you to track a number of individual expenses including clothing, groceries, music, video games, and whatever else you need track.

Hardware Asset Tracker 5.1.1 - Catalog and inventory hardware assets. 
Manage and track hardware assets including laptops, PCs, printers, scanners, and cameras with this freeware program. Sort by supplier or category such as NIC, peripheral, laptop, and monitor. Organize your inventory of hardware and other assets.

Key Logger Download - Advance tracking and recording keystroke tool 
Innovative computer monitoring software allows user to secretly track and record remote PC activity and internet usages including typed keystrokes, voice chat conversation, list of downloaded or uploaded files, open/closed windows application etc.

Warehousing Barcode Download - Make reliable manufacturing business barcodes 
Professional warehousing barcode download application tool empowers user to easily generate bulk amount of consistent and elegant appearing business manufactured goods label and stores created label tag in computer at desired place for further usage.

ToDo Organizer Deluxe 3.7 - ToDo, task management software for Windows.. 
ToDo, task, activity management software for personal or business use.

Download Keylogger For Windows 7 5.0.1 - Key logger software captures Screen Shots. 
Windows XP keylogger software is a prominent spy keylogging program which takes the screen shot of every visited web site and silently records every key pressed by the user. Key logger free program works silently on any windows operating system.

Spyware for Mac - Spyware for Mac monitor user web page access 
Creative spyware for Mac utility facilitates user to keep an eye on computer system even in your absence by recording guest user keypad typed strokes and generates log file consisting complete information of files accessed and folders opened.

Parcels and Luggage Barcodes Generator - Goods distribution industry barcode creator 
Specialized Parcels and luggage barcode maker software generates beautiful barcode label designs using inbuilt color, font and image setting. Flexible parcels barcode designer tool makes barcode labels and stickers using unique print options.

TrackRay 2.2.0 - Free Task and Time Management Software 
TrackRay is free web based Task and Time management software for mobile and desktop use. Users can create tasks, set priority, add workflow entries, assign to other users; and/or create a time sheet / time card, describing work, effort hours, etc.

Website Backlink Checker - Website backlink checker give realtime status 
Developer offers website backlink checker software that facilitates user to monitor their website links over advertiser web pages in real time and analyze sites popularity and performance over internet according to inline and outgoing website links.

KDT Web History Tracker 1.1.0 - Monitor and track internet activity. 
KDT Web History Tracker enables the user to track and log internet activity via a professional password-protected interface. The application includes the ability to run discreetly and automatically upon Windows start-up.

Hr Training - Program maintains workers bulk travel report 
Download sales training management application enables Hr representative to handle multiple business firms visiting requirements in simplified ways. Freeware Hr training software improves complicated and manual paper works with advanced options.

Sales Training Management - Tool tracks company workers travel activities 
Affordable employee trip scheduling application is capable to maintain bulk training and visiting database records in few mouse clicks. Download sales training management software is mostly used by small, large and average sized business firms.

RegSnap 7.0.2084 - Keep track of all System Registry changes. 
RegSnap is a tool that can help you analyze changes made to the Windows Registry. With it, you can compare snapshots and learn which keys were modified. You can also analyze other sensitive system parts,such as a list of files in system directories.

Gpx2rt2 1.30 - GPS track to route converter 
Set of programs to convert GPS-tracks of *.gpx, *.mps, *.plt or *.nmea format to route files *.rt2. Software creates two route files - forward route and backward one.

DXsoft TrackLog 1.20 - GPS log-maker 
GPS log-maker. Software create *.plt track file, *.rte route file and, optionally, NMEA-log file.

Keylogger - Keylogging software track username, password 
Invisible key logger freeware utility have great functionality to create complete or specific records of keyboard activities as typed login ID, passwords, chat conversation, websites address on computer system by other users in your absence.

Keyboard Monitoring Software - Keylogger software record typed documents 
Professional keyboard monitoring tool permits you to watch or capture internet activities, website login id, password, email etc. Keylogger software can record typed characters including keyboard special characters such as ctrl, alt, shift etc.

TimeSprite Automatic Time Tracking 2.1.3 - Track how you spend time on the computer. 
Track how much time you spend on different activities on your computer. Reports: time spent on different activities ... journal ... weekly and monthly timesheets. Similar windows are automatically grouped to provide a summary of your time.

PDA Mobile Investigation Software - PDA investigation tool extract phone details 
PDA forensic utility automatically scans each part of pocket pc cell phone like SIM, memory, battery, hardware and software. Pocket pc forensic detector save all gathered information in readable text file that can be use for forensic purposes.

Business Travel Software - Utility tracks business training, trip detail 
Tour scheduling system application is helpful to generate valuable visiting and trip reports to analyze day to day training status. Freeware business travel software prevents from difficult, bulk paper works and organize employee overall trip needs.

Keylogger Surveillance Software - Keylogger record keyboard pressed keys in log 
Keyboard key tracker is software that captures all typed keystrokes including typed e-mail, passwords, chat conversation, URLs, text documents etc and generate detailed report of recorded data that can be send at user’s specified email id.

Time Ferret 1.0.0 - Time Ferret tracks your computer use 
Time Ferret is a time calculator that helps you be more productive by tracking the programs you use. Time Ferret totals them up and you can immediately see which programs you use the most and by how much. Use over several days to spot trends.

ProjectTrack Personal Edition 2010.10.31 - ProjectTrack easily manages project details. 
ProjectTrack is an inclusive software program. It integrates all the tools and information that you need to manage any kind of project. Keep track of your tasks, issues, risks, meetings, changes, contacts and even documents using one single program.

EasyDVDEdit 1.0 - changes languages of audio tracks onto DVD 
EasyDVDEdit is a very simple tool that makes possible to change languages of audio tracks without complicated remuxing process.

Keyboard Monitor Program - Keylogger software traces keyboard characters 
Keylogger utility covertly captures all keystroke related activities in hidden password protected log file. Keyboard monitor program is completely undetectable by any antivirus application and bypasses all major anti keylogger software and spy tools.

Keyloggers - Keylogger surveillance tool stealth computer 
Keylogger monitoring program easily monitors children’s, employees, students, spouse and other external user activities on computer system in complete stealth mode. Keylogger installation software does not affect the computer system performance.

NavTools StormTrack 6.12 - Track tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons 
Track tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons, etc everywhere in the world and view track relative to your intended route or present location. Includes overview of avoidance routes and heavy weather tactics

ProjectTrack Express 2010.10.31 - ProjectTrack easily manages project details. 
ProjectTrack is an inclusive software program. It integrates all the tools and information that you need to manage any kind of project. Keep track of your tasks, issues, contacts, documents, even keep your project journal, using one single program.

Tour Managers - Program maintains industries training records 
Easy to use employee travel organizing system application easily handles and makes training, trip requirements of any company. Download tour managers software is flexible option to record travel details in computerized format without manual efforts.

Keyboard Surveillance Software - Keylogger track computer activity in absence 
Keylogger programs easily records everything that is entered from your keyboard including special characters Ctrl, Alt or other keys. Activity monitoring software gives easiest way to know what their employee or spouses do in your absence.

Stock Car Racing 3D Screensaver 1.0 - A track racing screensaver 
A bright and dynamic screensaver devoted to a popular track racing championship. Wild speeds, tons of drive, red-hot emotions and the untamed spirit of competition - everything here is just as unpredictable as in real-life racing!

Staff Training - Utility tracks employee training requirements 
Easy to use sales training management application generates useful and valuable travel and visiting report for better decision making. Download staff training software safely manage and track company workers visiting and trip needs in simplified way.

Surf Logger 2.0.1913 - A powerful alternative to IE History 
Surf Logger is an effective means for analyzing your web browsing history. It can also recover your lost logins, passwords; prevent your kids from watching explicit web content, and expose lazy employees who are goofing off online all day.

Spy Software Downloads - Tool record all PC activities in conceal mode 
Freeware keyboard monitoring program safely tracks overall activities executed by your friends, family member, spouse, relatives etc. PC activities surveillance spy software download effectively saves each keystroke activities in encrypted log file.

Backlink Checker Software Ex - Backlink checker check multiple website link 
Backlink checker utility measures importance of websites in real time. Backlink monitoring software detects all direct links, reciprocal links and other weblinks in less time. Backlink checker tool saves report in html, txt, CSV file formats.

Tour and Training Management Software - Utility tracks employee trip, tour activities 
Employee trip scheduling application provides data connectivity features to view and modify selected company database records. Easy to use tour and training management software reduce fault during preparing travel and trip time table effectively.

Parental Control Keylogger - Keylogger tool traces typed text via keyboard 
Windows vista keylogger program monitors all users performed activities via keyboard. Parental control keylogger software works in stealth mode and traces typed URLs, chat conversations, email details, visited websites, text documents and files.

Web site Performance Monitoring Tool - Website real time accessibility analyzer tool 
Website performance monitoring tool evaluate inaccessible website availability in real time. Application closely watch up, down time and ping status, provides alert messages to user when website goes down and support HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 protocol.

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