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usb lock

DEKSI USB Security 1.9.2 - Block unauthorized USB devices from any p.c. 
DEKSI USB Security allows you to block unauthorized USB devices from any PC or your entire network.

Double Password 1.21 - Double Password: a new level of security 
Double Password has a fresh outlook onto your computer security. It turns any USB gadget into a security token, which your computer starts to require every time you log into the system. Special encryption prevents your passwords from interception.

ID USB Lock Key 1.2 - ID USB Lock Key blocks PC access using USB. 
ID USB Lock Key is a high performance PC blocking program, password securing your computer against outside unauthorized access by the use of an USB stick.

BuduLock 1.1.1 - BuduLock software to lock folder 
BuduLock software to lock and unlock folder and flash drive using password. BuduLock software for data security and confidential information. Flash drive blocker to prevent unauthorised use of flash drive to prevent stolen data and virus spread.

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