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vuze speeder

Vuze Turbo Accelerator 1.5.0 - Vuze Accelerator is a download accelerator. 
Vuze Turbo Accelerator is p2p tool designed to boost the download speed of your Vuze file sharing client. This useful plug-in offers great integration capability and is able to automatically locate extra download sources.

Vuze Acceleration Tool 1.4.0 - Vuze Acceleration Tool is a p2p speeding app. 
Vuze Acceleration Tool is a file sharing acceleration patch that can improve all the functions available in Vuze p2p program. The software is designed to automatically dig for additional download sources.

Vuze Turbo Booster 2.6.0 - Vuze Accelerator is a download booster 
Vuze Accelerator is an application that seamlessly complements your Vuze file sharing client. This add-on module with a great integration capability is designed to automatically find more download sources than the original client.

Vuze Download Thruster 1.6.0 - Vuze D-Thruster is a p2p speeding patch 
Vuze Download Thruster is a technologically potent p2p module for high speed downloading when using Vuze p2p client. It helps you get more search results in less time and includes as ability an appropriate management of your bandwidth.

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