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wake on lan

EMCO WakeOnLan Free 1.0.5 - Centralized Wake on LAN (WOL) of remote PCs 
A free visual Wake on LAN (WOL) tool ready to work in enterprise networks to power up remote PCs. It can automatically detect MAC addresses of remote PCs and simultaneously wake up multiple PCs within the scope of a single operation.

EMCO WakeOnLan Professional 1.0.5 - Scheduled Wake on LAN (WOL) of network PCs 
An advanced visual Wake on LAN (WOL) tool with scheduling. It is ready to operate in large-scale networks to wake up multiple remote PCs both on demand and on schedule. All remote operations are completely automated and optimized for large networks.

WakeOnLan Professional 1.0.5 - Wake-on-LAN tool with scheduling features 
Wake-on-LAN utility with UI and scheduling features that allows to automate wake up of remote PCs across the local network. The application is designed to work in large networks that may include subnets and operate with multiple remote PCs.

WakeOnLan Free 1.0.5 - Free Wake-on-LAN tool for powering up PCs 
Free Wake-on-LAN utility with UI, designed to wake up multiple PCs at once and work in large corporate networks that may include multiple subnets. The application has a feature to detect MAC addresses of remote PCs that allows to automate WOL tasks.

Wake-On-LAN Sender 2.0.2 - Wake-On-LAN Sender sends magic packets. 
Wake-On-LAN Sender can be used to turn on remote computers sending magic packets (UDP). This freeware utility also allows to identify MAC addresses of LAN computers. Also, it includes Wake-On-LAN Listener.

ActiveSocket Network Communication Toolkit 2.1 - Network socket communication Toolkit 
Toolkit to enhance your applications or scripts with client/server network socket communication, client telnet sessions, SNMP, wake up on lan (Wake On Lan, WOL), RSH (remote shell script)capabilities and more.

Free Windows Tools 2.0 - Free Windows Tools 
Desktop Central provides a set of free Windows tools that Windows Administrators might require on a day-to-day basis. It has a set of ten tools: Wake on LAN, GPO Update, Shutdown/Restart, Software Inventory, Join/Unjoin Computer, and more.

CC Get MAC Address 2.2 - Tool for getting MAC address from IP address. 
Tool for getting MAC address and computer name from IP address. You can use it to get MAC address of a computer on LAN even out of your LAN range. It's based on Microsoft Net bios technology. It also can be used for Wake On LAN.

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